Friday, June 12, 2009

7 Quick Takes (Volume 37)

1) Our kids had some friends over and as they were leaving, they passed me in the dining room on my laptop. One of the guys, stopped, came back in and said,

"I have to tell you something. I read your blog all the time, I mean, ALL the time."

I was so shocked a college guy would have any interest in this blog, all I said was, "Why?!"

"I don't know. I just like it," he said, "Keep it up."

So here's a shout out to that friend (I won't embarrass you by identifying you!). You made my whole week!

2) We have a real problem at our house on Sunday mornings. My older two kids can get themselves up for anything on any day at any time, EXCEPT Sunday mornings! I get so irritated and crabby. This last Sunday, the longer I waited, the angrier I got and I was sure someone would get slapped if I didn't let it go. So I just left them even though I knew at least one of them was almost ready.

Twenty minutes later, the two of them hunted me down at church, sheepishly giving me a hug.

"Sorry, Mommy," they said, trying to be cute.

And I fell for it. How can you not appreciate a couple of teenagers who felt bad, got themselves there in time even though I left them and came to apologize?

Yeah, I'm a pushover.

3) I had to throw away my favorite pair of flip-flops EVER. They were so worn out they made my legs ache. I was feeling like some frail old lady with a pain in my groin on one leg and a soreness behind my knee of the other. I didn't know which way to limp!

Man, I hated to throw them away, but I knew if they were around I'd be likely to slip them on again. Fashion isn't worth it.

4) I'm failing summer.

I've felt more pressure to get stuff done since school's been out, than when I was barely keeping my head above water attending end of the year activities. When were the "lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer?" I know I put too much pressure on myself. I looked forward to sleeping more, but instead I'm staying up later. How can I not even accomplish that?! I'm stressed out trying to keep kids doing more than video games and movies all day. I want to enjoy time with them too, but then there's the constant nagging in my head to accomplish the tasks I don't have time for during the school year. I try enlisting their help and they're pretty good about doing it, but I'm monitoring their progress, keeping them on task, generally being a Queen Grouch Monster.

Yeah, fun times.

5) Pressure. It's my word for the week.

6) Wimp. It's my moniker for life.

7) Have a good weekend. It's my way of moving on to the next thing.

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MiPa said...

You are not Queen Grouch Monster. That title is mine this week. Trust me on this one. ((hugs)) that you feel that you are. And there is no way "wimp" describes you--after all you are raising teens that are capable of getting to church AND apologising...not many mothers accomplish that! :-) Have a wonderful weekend!

Linda said...

It's amazing how harsh we can be on ourselves. Is that a recessive female gene we get? Sheesh, lighten up friend. It isn't as bad as you think. Let's make a deal. I'll take my own advice and do the same. I've had some aweful days this week.

You are great and are going great things.

norma mercer said...

OK--I love the verse that you have for today--
Prov 22:2. It seems to go along with all that you have been talking about lately. We aren't so different from each other---we are ALL made by God.

Judy said...

I'm just wondering what a moniker is and somehow knowing that my friends are sometimes crabby with their kids is so very comforting. I also end up feeling like a heely monster, whatever that is, when I give the dreaded pep talk when my son needs a boost to get him going in the right direction. it's like a trip to the dentist and when I come home I will need a tooth fairy except for multiples. Then no matter how hard you have to pull that one tooth ain't gonna give. I think I should just pay my son daily the whole school year and I think the yield might be a payoff. I do love it, too, when I hear the, "I'm sorry, commie. it works for me every time.

Bly said...

Your quick takes are refreshing. I can relate on every level!