Friday, July 03, 2009

7 Quick Takes (Volume 40)

1) Right now I'm sitting in my upstairs porch which is like sitting in a big tree house, leaves and tree branches surrounding, listening to the rain fall gently, a window open, allowing cool great-smelling air to waft in as day begins. Mmmmmm. . .

And I'm actually thankful God woke me up at 5:AM to experience it. SOOO soothing.

2) I've been thinking a lot about peace and contentment and rest this week. At some point I have to wonder if all my thinking is taking up too much time!

All my stressing about getting my work done is making me an irritable, strung out mom. Yuck. I think I need to trust God more to order my days, to direct the moments. I can't continue in the tense manner of this week.

In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.
Proverbs 16:9

Thanks for your gentle advice, friends. I have mulled it over lots. May I hold loosely to my plans for each day and trust God to multiply my efforts.

3) I had a great day with my youngest on a little shopping excursion this week. She "got to" help me pick out a new swimsuit. I brought her in the fitting rooms to get her opinion and she cracked me up. She didn't want to see her mother in all her glory, if you know what I mean, and had to turn her head when any actual flesh may appear. When I absentmindedly stripped down before her eyes were shielded I heard, "Hello, children in the room" as she turned her back.

This is the same child who was traumatized seeing real live boobies in the locker room at our local YMCA one day. "It made me feel weird, Mom," she said through tears.

Do you see why I've been dragging my feet about having the sex talk with her? She's still so innocent. Is it possible for a ten-year-old to have an aneurysm? I can see her hyperventilating now.

4) I'm having a really good friend week, spending lots of quality time with people I love. Of course this is contributing to the "I'm not getting anything done" feeling. Yeah, I know you want to slap me. It reminds me of a blog post I read yesterday from Big Mama who was complaining to her husband about her busy week, much of which included swimming outings. His response to her was, “Wow, I feel bad for you with all your pool obligations. Your life is really hard.”

Yes, I'm fully aware I clog myself with all my socializing and I've recognized my need for better balance (gasp, did I really use that word?) in this area. But I have really great friends, people!

5) Last night I was so thankful to have taken the time with a friend. I thought about cancelling, feeling overwhelmed with everything I need to get done in the next week, but I'm so glad I didn't! We spent several hours sitting outside, summer breezes blowing all around us, eating cheesecake, drinking lattes and enjoying meaningful conversation until we realized all the stores around us had closed. To be known and understood and freely able to express your heart no matter how irrational and whacked and self-centered your feelings may be is a tremendous gift I never take for granted. I am blessed to know people who let me be who I am and somehow still like me. See why I have a hard time balancing my social time?

Thanks for a wonderful evening, my friend (you know who you are). Our time together was absolutely healing for me.

6) Today's the big day I go to the 20th reunion of former students of mine. I've debated some about what to wear, what makes me look the thinnest or accentuates the black, not the gray in my hair, ya da, ya da, ya da. I realize I'll have more fun (and probably look better) if I just assume I'm fine and have a confident countenance about me. Now, will I be able to do that? I hope so. We'll see. Tune in next week.

7) I've had some really good food experiences lately. I've been thoroughly enjoying my food! My husband even laughed at me as I went on and on about a fabulous dinner we had at a restaurant in KC last week. And last night's cheesecake--white chocolate raspberry mousse--MMM, MMM, MMM, PERFECT!

It would make my dad proud to see me enjoying it so much. He was a great lover of food who often said, "It's a shame a person has to get full."

That's it for me this rainy Friday feels-so-good morning, friends. Happy Independence Day! Catch more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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e-Mom said...

"Pool obligations," lol. Yes, life with kids can be a challenge.

I like your food experiences... white chocoate raspberry mousse... eek! Sounds fabulous.

Right now I'm eating a salad of bow pasta and spinach, with lettuce and blue cheese dressing on the side. The only thing that tempted me in the deli on a bisteringly hot day!

Have a wonderful Fourth, Tami.