Friday, November 06, 2009

7 Quick Takes (Volume 57)

1) Planning for a hectic evening, I gave Miss Innocent One her instructions on what to do before I got home.

She took both hands, patted her fingertips to her temples and said, "Save. . .Save. . ."

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Trying to remember."

2) Our gecko saga continues. This week marked another trip to the vet who told me, "This guy must have a poor immune system. In the wild, he would have been eaten by now."

Great. To get him through the latest infection we're feeding him baby food through a syringe (yes, you read that right--baby food--chicken and gravy--yum, yum). He acts like he feels better, but I haven't seen him smile yet.

It's been too long since I used baby food. How long can you keep it in a fridge before it goes bad?

3) My writing buddy, Oscar the fly, was back this week. But this time he annoyed the snot out of me and apparently sucked the creative juices clean out of me.

4) Ladies Man is constantly on the prowl for creative project. Cardboard, tape, wood and hot glue are high commodities in our house. Now that he's getting older he asks if we have screw guns and saws and drills. I'm getting nervous.

Lately he's spent time making movie props for some movie he and his friends are planning to shoot. He cut two wooden guns, glued pieces of plastic and metal to them to make three dimensions, then painted them and you know, they look like the real deal. I wouldn't want him to get caught with them in his backpack!

His latest project, though, is one of my favorites. He and his dad spent Saturday afternoon constructing a PVC pipe trombone. Yep, a trombone made completely of PVC pipe. He uses his mouth piece from his real trombone and can actually play the thing. It has a muffled sound, but he can play any song on it. Cool beans.

5) Marriage tip #1: Say nice things about your husband to the blogging world and he will appreciate you.

6) Marriage tip #2: Leave a suggestive text message on his phone and he will REALLY appreciate you. (And come home early!)

7) Now we must erase the icky image I just created with a different one. How about one of my kids' favorite jokes?

Have you seen the movie Constipation?

It hasn't come out yet.

Don't think about that one too hard, folks. Instead, take a trek to Conversion Diary to read more wholesome Quick Takes.

To those of you in my part of the world, enjoy the fantabulous weather!


Rachelle said...

Have a great weekend friend!! Thanks for the Golden Girls therapy session yesterday, loved it, love you!

Jaime Kubik said...

As always, I love the Quick Takes! I feel so bad for Elmo! At least he was fortunate enough to find a domestic home so that he wouldn't be "murdered" in the wild! (He might have been playing a game he didn't know he was in! Ha!) So good to spend time with you this week! Love you!

e-Mom said...

Taaaammmiiiii... you're always so entertaining on Friday nights! Chuckling here at every point. I won't repeat them back to you, because... welll some just can't be repeated.

Good stuff girl! Have a great weekend. Hugs, e-Mom

P.S. Would you post a photo of that PVC pipe trombone? Reminds me of something out of the Blue Men.