Friday, November 13, 2009

7 Quick Takes (Volume 58)

1) I've been trying to eat healthier and the other night I came to the dinner table with a pile of spinach (among other things) on my plate. Ladies Man stole a glance.

Ladies Man: Leaves? You're eating LEAVES?

Dad: And diarrhea. . .

Apparently he thought my dressing looked less than appetizing.

Ladies Man: Dad, we need to support Mom.

He put a hand on my shoulder.

Ladies Man: Not that I'm saying you need to go on a diet. I think you look fine, but if you want to do this we need to support you.

See how this kid understands women?!

Dad: Okay then, Ladies Man, why don't you pray tonight?

Ladies Man: Dear Jesus, thank You for our family. Thank You for our food. Please help Mom enjoy her leaves.

And I just couldn't help it. I bust a gut right in the middle of the prayer. But it got even better.

Drama Queen: Mom, you've been telling us we need to eat what we can find in the wild. Poop and leaves is about as good as it gets. Nice job.

2) Lately God's pressing on my heart a desire and NEED to pray with others. It feels more powerful, you know, because it's two or three gathered in His name. He's blessed me this week with amazing prayer times with friends. Praying together is part of my growing awareness that God does not intend any of us to walk alone. He has given us each other. Why do we put up a good front, striving for independence when we could accomplish so much more for His name if we humbled ourselves enough to ask for help? What are we afraid of?

We need each other. We feel the love of Jesus through the skin of people. We've got to touch each other, physically, emotionally, spiritually, to persevere in this world. May we recognize the great gift He's given us in each other.

3) Who says kids don't pay attention to current events? After playing with the kids of some family friends, Ladies Man said, "I hope when I start dating, my girlfriend will have a cool little brother. That would be fun. I like little boys. . . well, you know, not like Michael Jackson, but they're cool.

4) My fig tree is having sympathy pains for its cousins outdoors, shedding leaves by the minute. I'm sure it has nothing to do with my forgetfulness in watering it, right?

5) I've been trying to break Ladies Man's habit of saying "no offense" after any contrary opinion he feels compelled to share.

Me: Saying "no offense" after you've just slammed something doesn't soften the blow. You can't take it back by saying "no offense." It still hurts whether you say "no offense" or not.

I'm not sure it's sinking in, at least not to him, but evidently Miss Innocent One is catching on. After her rough day at school I offered to take her out to lunch.

She gave me a funny grin and didn't say anything.

Me: Or if you want I can make something you really like at home. What do you really like?

Miss Innocent One: You make good stuff and all, but I'd rather go out. No offense. Wait. That doesn't erase the blow, does it?

Glory be. At least ONE of my children listen to me!

6) Yesterday was Ladies Man's birthday and the anniversary of my father's death. I've decided God knows what a wimp I can be, so He orchestrated the two events on the same day to force me to buck up and be happy on a day I might be tempted to wallow. It gets easier every year and God graciously surrounds me with VERY thoughtful people who call or e-mail to say they're praying for and thinking of me. He is so good.

7) Which reminds me of an old song. Enjoy.

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Marie said...

"No offense" and automatics like it drive me nuts in adults. I'm sure your boy is adorable when he says it since he's obviously trying to be thoughtful while expressing himself, not necessarily a common young man trait . But I'm glad you're trying to "break him" of it before it becomes an adult habit. My least favorite is "but that's just my opinion" or some variation thereof -- they seem to be trying to soften the blow, but in reality they kind of become a shield for any disagreement. "I think women your age should not have long hair, but that's just my opinion" -- well, of course it's your opinion, but now I can't easily call you out for being a jerk and having an opinion on someone else's hair length because then I look like an argumentative person.

Wow, that was a ramble, sorry! Short comment, found that very funny and very admirable parenting that I will attempt to copy.

Oh, and don't tell anyone because it might break my seal of anonymity thrown up on my blog so that the men with white jackets don't try to find me, but. . . my youngest girl's name is Selah, it's always strange to see that word because it's so uncommon. And the song, good one for a harried morning. Thanks.

Brenda said...

Your spinach story was hilarious!

Rachelle said...

Oh Tami, so sorry I forgot about your dad yesterday. I would have squeezed you tighter. Love you!

beck'sthree said...

Loved your quick takes!
1. The conversation about your dinner plate is hilarious. Makes me look forward to when my kids are older . . . sort of.

2. I know exactly what you mean. We just moved to a new town (a very tiny one 1,000 miles away from my hometown), and I am craving people to pray with. I think it ranks right up there with setting up phone service and forwarding our mail. I just absolutely need it.

Caroline said...

I enjoy your 7 takes. they make me laugh and I also learn something. If I may ask how old are your children, they sound delightful, I am sure you do not have a dull moment!
Thank you for sharing that song, it comforted me. I am quite technologically challenged, so if I wanted to send that clip to my email how could I do that? I would like to listen to the song once in a while.
Blessings to you Tami.

Tami Boesiger said...


Drummer Boy is 19. Drama Queen is 16. Ladies Man is 14 and Miss Innocent One is 11. Our house is always hoppin'!

Click here for the link to the video. From there you can click on "Send video" and e-mail it to yourself.

If you'd like to chat more personally with me than this forum allows feel free to e-mail me at tamiboesiger[at]windstream[dot]net. Then I could send you the video if that would be easier. I've been thinking it would be fun to communicate with you privately. This relationship is a little one-sided. When do I get to learn more about YOU?

Have a great weekend!