Friday, November 27, 2009

7 Quick Takes (Volume 60)

1) We had a great Thanksgiving. I started the day by sleeping in. I can't remember the last time I got out of bed after the sun was up. It felt great. Then we spent the day with my husband's family. I especially enjoyed some game/bonding time with our grown nephews who talked with us more than ever before and later with other nieces and nephews. We met our niece's boyfriend from South Carolina (good guy--nice work, Hannah). We knew he'd fit right in when he laughed at Uncle Kevin's racy answer in good humor. Good food, good people, good laughs, good day.

When I prayed for a husband, I never thought to pray for the family he came from, that I'd get along with them and feel like I belonged. But God was more than gracious, granting me great relationships with my in-laws. They are awesome people I am blessed to be a part of.

2) Miss Innocent One had a good laugh when she flipped a page in her notebook at school to find a little note from Drama Queen.

"Hi, Miss Innocent One. How was your day at school? Bummer. I don't know when you will find this note, but hi. Well, what are you doing? Pay attention to your teacher! Don't keep reading. Okay, I'm done. --Drama Queen"

Apparently at the school's open house, Drama Queen got into Miss Innocent One's desk and had a little fun.

A few weeks later, she found another note.

"Ha ha, you thought the other one was the only note. I got you! Epic failure! Tell Mr. M I said hi. What are you doing? Tell him right now!"

For the little girl who loves leaving notes all over the house for me, this was totally speaking her love language. Nice work, Drama Queen.

3) No Black Friday shopping for me today. I've done it in the past if there was an item I couldn't afford otherwise, but it's not my bag, because number one, you're still shelling out money and two, I'm not crazy about crowds. The only things I find appealing about it is crossing some things off my to do list and going out to breakfast with my husband.

4) It's getting harder and harder to put on eye liner. My eyelids are getting wrinkly, or should we say less taut? Yeah, that sounds better. ACK!

5) Ladies Man is a budding artist and already got a graphic design gig. He designed a logo for the business my brother works for.

Not bad for a fourteen-year-old, huh? I'm proud of him! Thanks, Brad and Jackie, for giving him the opportunity.

6) Ladies Man also got a boost from Drummer Boy, when the big bro called his little bro to ask if he would help him design the mat for the drum line show.

I love it when my kids do things to build each other up. Sometimes the younger kids don't think the older ones really notice them, since they're gone all the time doing their own thing. A little gesture like leaving notes in a note book and asking for their help go a long way in showing they care. There may be a chance they like each other as adults.

7) Our Thanksgiving isn't over yet. We spend tomorrow with my family. It's always a rip-roaring time with kids running all over the place and more food than we'll ever eat. I don't know what it is about being around my family, but it spurs this eat-everything-in-sight mechanism in me. After dinner, my mom sets out tons of snacky stuff and we sit around the table talking or playing games and nibbling all afternoon. Commence praying now, okay? I DON'T want to waddle into church Sunday!

I hope your Thanksgiving was terrific. Enjoy the weekend.


Rachelle said...

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Jaime Kubik said...

Loved this post! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!