Monday, November 30, 2009

Straight from the Horse's. . .er, Husband's Mouth

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We're mixing it up this month for Marriage Monday, getting in a word from our husbands! Big thanks to Kevin for being a good sport and playing nice. I must not have picked very good questions, because his answers seemed pretty boring and he's hardly a boring guy. So for your reading pleasure (or to further beat a dead horse), I've included our bantering as I reacted to his answers.

What pops into your mind when you hear the word Christmas?

Kevin: Family, church and busy. What about you?

Me: Stress. . .which brings guilt (sigh).

What is your favorite Christmas activity or tradition?

Kevin: I like our birthday party for Jesus.

Me: We haven't done that in years.

Kevin: No, we did it last year.

Me: You mean when we open up a game with the kids?

Kevin: Yeah, but we had cake or something too, didn't we?

Me: No. There was no cake. We haven't done it lately. What else?

Kevin: Are you sure?

Me: Pick something else.

Kevin: Okay, well. . .I like Christmas morning when we open gifts with the kids and take down stockings, and the Christmas Eve church service--at that point all the stress is over and you can just enjoy it.

Me: Okay, I can take that answer.

What is your fondest Christmas memory?

Kevin: I liked our first few Christmases together when we had time to make our own ornaments. That was fun.

Me: (saying nothing, but cherishing a memory of one of those years when after completing our decorations, we shared a passionate evening in front of the lit Christmas tree and slept there all night by its glow. . .aaaah, so peaceful and soothing and perfectly wonderful)

What was your favorite gift?

Kevin: I got a cool erector set one year. What would you say?

Me: In fourth grade I got the globe I really wanted. I'm such a nerd. I also remember a Little People Play House (that was back when the little people were really little, not chunky) and a basket for my bike and a Barbie camper.

What do you enjoy about the Christmas season?

Kevin: Spending time with family and hanging out more with our kids.

Me: (No comment. Good answer. Ditto.)

How do you and I look at Christmas differently?

Kevin: (slipping into defensive-this-is-too-many-questions-at-bedtime mode) I don't know. Do we think of it differently?

Me: I'm asking you.

Kevin: I don't think it stresses me out as much as you.

Describe your ideal Christmas.

Kevin: Last Christmas was great, staying at home in our jammies all day, laying around, eating, watching movies, playing games, never leaving the house.

Me: I'd say the same thing. That was awesome, even if the kids did make fun of me playing Dance Dance Revolution.

And there you have it, everything you did and didn't care to know about the Boesigers. Thank you, honey, for patiently answering my questions when all you wanted to do was sleep. I encourage the rest of you to slightly annoy bond with your man and ask him what he thinks of Christmas.

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MiPa said...

Love it! What a great interview. LOL about the Birthday party for Jesus. Have a great start to the Christmas season and try not to stress too much!

Heather of S-A-M said...

You make me laugh! That was awesome! I'm right there with you on that Dance Revolution thing. Great exercise even for the extrememly uncoordinated! hehe heh!

Rachelle said...

I'm liking the decorating the Christmas tree memory!

April said...

Great interview! I'm loving reading the guys thoughts on Christmas.

tonya said...

Great idea to include both of you! Awesome post.
Merry Christmas!

Wife of Rob said...

Loved it Tami....that was precious, priceless and funny, all rolled up into one! I would have loved to have heard the "banter". You guys are too cute!

I hope that you all have a WONDERFUL Christmas...and stay in your PJ's....that sounded wonderful!

{{Much love}}

Denise said...

Wonderful interview.

e-Mom said...

For a sleepy interview, you and your man sure put out HOT pillow talk!

Like this (PHEW, fanning self)...

"after completing our decorations, we shared a passionate evening in front of the lit Christmas tree and slept there all night by its glow. . .aaaah, so peaceful and soothing and perfectly wonderful)

What was your favorite gift?

Kevin: I got a cool erector set one year."

Seriously, Tami. This was fun. Thanks to both of you for being such good sports. I learned alot about your family. And I think staying in your jammies all day is a great idea...


Constance said...

I had to laugh b/c E-Mom and I were thinking the same thing!!!!! Too funny!

I think Christmas is definitely more stressful. Since we leave for our trip Dec 17th, I have had to be on the ball, preparing for Christmas this year. Now that the house is all decorated, the gifts bought and wrapped and the Christmas cards going out next Monday, I feel like I can better focus on the true meaning of Christmas w/o running around like I do most years!

Have a blessed Christmas!

Tami Boesiger said...

e-Mom! Now you've got me blushing. There was honestly no steamy intention in the order of my questions at all. He really did like his TOY erector set!

Shame on you. . .and Connie too! :)