Friday, February 12, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Volume 69)

1) We've had better weeks at the Boesiger house. Remember how Drama Queen had the stomach flu last week? Well everything went down hill from there. I sat in the emergency room with Ladies Man Saturday night/Sunday morning where he was diagnosed with a sinus infection that triggered his asthma AND the stomach flu. He was out all week and just today is going back to school. Tuesday morning Drama Queen woke up with a fever and Kevin got his own turn at the stomach flu, all while Ladies Man still laid in misery on the couch.

I got an e-mail Tuesday afternoon from Drummer Boy who said, "I texted Drama Queen this morning and it sounds like the house has turned into somewhat of a leper colony."

When I wrote back saying, "Stay healthy! Drink lots of fluids, get plenty of sleep, all that jazz. . .," he responded, "I think YOU should be the one doing those things even more than me. I'm not surrounded by some form of the plague."

Thankfully, everyone seems to be on the mend now. . .unless Miss Innocent One and I fall.

2) Now it's time for some sisterly love.

Drama Queen to Miss Innocent One: You were born to press my buttons.

3) My dad had this little trick to opening fudge bars or popsicles. You know how the paper often sticks to the food? He used to rip the end off and blow some warm air into the paper to thaw it away. This week my kids informed me, "I think of Grandpa every time I eat a fudge bar."

4) Kevin and I got our booties kicked at boot camp. My poor husband did two sessions while battling the stomach flu, one day losing his lunch in the middle. I did okay until Thursday when I felt a little woozy myself and now am nursing a sore leg. We've been asking ourselves all week, "Why are we paying good money for this torture?" We should have known we were in for it with an instructor named Hoss who's as solid as a brick wall. Yet, it does feel good to push yourself and Hoss is a fun guy. Hopefully by next week I'll be able to say I even like it.

We did suffer a casualty though. My friend who pushed me talked me into doing this in the first place broke her tail bone yesterday during our session. She's out for six weeks. Don't let anybody tell you this class is for sissies.

5) Here's how I knew Drama Queen was feeling better Thursday morning. I hear her yelling down the stairs.

Drama Queen: I lost my britches. I lost my britches.

Me: Honey, they're in the laundry room.

Drama Queen: No, they aren't.

Me: Yes, they are. I just hung them up an hour ago.

It's quiet for a few seconds.

Drama Queen: I found my britches. I found my britches.

6) This is a hectic time of year at our house. Starting this Saturday, we're gone every Saturday until March 27th! And in February we're talking multiple activities on each day. So perhaps I should put out a warning to any of you who may wander over to my house in the next six weeks.

If you're looking for clean, you won't find it here. It won't be pretty!

7) I've been whining to Kevin about how we don't have any pictures together, so for my birthday he arranged for our amazing friend Kara to do a little photo shoot. When it started snowing last Friday she suggested we take some "magical pictures in the snow." Of course I was all over that! We've posted a few on Facebook, but here's a few more (along with a couple indoor shots) I especially love. Thank you, Kara!

That's all she wrote today, folks. Enjoy your weekend and read more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


Brenda said...

Beautiful photos! I hope you all stay well. I went to Hoss' dance class on Weds with the hope of learning some steps to teach hubby....Not only is Hoss a brick wall but he can bust some moves. I on the other hand....

Tami Boesiger said...

Brenda--Hoss finished our session on Tuesday with some belly dancing moves, complete with the arms and fingers. I asked him, "How come you look so cool doing this and I just look like a fruitcake?"

Jaime Kubik said...

Love the pics of you and Kevin. Too precious. We're experiencing our own round of the plague here. I just hope I don't go down!

Rachelle said...

LOVE those pictures. Kara did a super job! I have some thoughts I want to share with you about your "glowing" face, remind me. Lots of love!!

e-Mom said...

Beautiful Tami. It sure helps to have a professional's eye. You two are SO sweet together. :~D

Rae said...

The snow makes the pictures simply wonderful,and your smiles look beautifully real. Very nice!

Shelley said...

Aww those are just beautiful - how much fun - btw purple is YOU!! :D happy Valentine's day friend x