Friday, February 26, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Volume 71)

1)HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DRAMA QUEEN! She turns 17 today. True to her personality, she was a week early and came out sunny side up (my back STILL remembers!) She's always wanted to do things her own way.

One of my favorite stories about her comes from her toddler years. When she was two years old she memorized verses as part of Sunday school. No matter what the verse was, she always repeated, "Be willing to share." We worked and worked with her to say the others, but she always responded, "Be willing to share."

One day after church we went out to Burger King and her older brother wanted to swap part of his cheeseburger for her chicken strips, but she would have none of it. She hoarded the chicken in her little fists, holding them close to her body, refusing to give any up. Little five-year-old Drummer Boy looked at her and said, "Drama Queen, what's your verse? Be willing to share."

"No," she said, shaking her head and staring him down, "it's do good."

She's always been a kick, I tell you. She's a great kid turning into a lovely woman. She is full of tenacity, perseverance and intelligence and possesses a beautiful tenderness inside. We are so proud of you, babe. We love you!

2) Drama Queen was born the day the World Trade Center was attacked the first time when a car bomb exploded in an underground parking garage killing six people. Who would have guessed then the destruction that would take place later? It's weird to think about.

3) After my whine fest last Friday about how it bothers me when people think I have the perfect life, a friend offered an observation which made me feel better.

"You're like a duck," she said, "all cool and collected on the surface, but swimming away like crazy underneath."

I never thought being compared to a duck would feel like a compliment, but it did the trick this time. Thank you, friend!

4) Kevin and I took Miss Innocent One out for lunch the other day. While he was waiting for our food, I had a good shot to soak in his view (mmm mmm!) When he sat down I didn't waste any time telling him so. He blushed and reminded me we were not alone as he pointed to Miss Innocent One who giggled.

Later she and I were out doing some shopping.

Miss Innocent One: It's nice to know you and Dad will never get a divorce.

Me: I really like him. He's so fun and cute and he's got a really good butt.

Miss Innocent One: Okay. . .

Me: Wait, is that TMI?

Miss Innocent One: WTMI! (Waaayyyy too much information.)

But she laughed. It's good for kids to know their parents are crazy about each other, right? How else would she have the security of thinking we'll never get a divorce?

5) Ladies Man ate some Walmart brand oreos otherwise known as Twist and Shout. He attempted the classic oreo move of opening the cookie to lick out the cream, but couldn't get the sucker apart. "What are these called," he said, grabbing the bag, "they make me want to shout first!"

He reminded us of the time Kevin was eating the same cookies and out of nowhere started yelling. When we all ran into the room to see what the problem was, he pointed to the bag and said, "They're called Twist and Shout. So I twisted and shouted."

Of course. Doesn't everyone do that?! Do you wonder where my kids get it?

6) "My gerbils are bored," Miss Innocent One announced, "They don't have anything to do."

Is it not enough pressure to keep my kids fed, occupied and happy? Now I have to entertain GERBILS?!

7) Every weekend in February I've played in the orchestra for a community theater production of Beauty and the Beast. It's been a lot of fun, but quite time consuming. This weekend is our final push as we perform FIVE shows. By Sunday night my lower lip and bottom teeth are gonna be hurtin'!

And then Hoss told us our final week of boot camp, starting Monday, is going to be tough. In order to understand the significance of this, you must understand he calls everything easy.

"C'mon, c'mon, this is easy," he says as you're panting and think your abs are on fire.

You're running up the stairs for the hundredth time and he yells, "C'mon, faster, this is easy."

"See how nice I am to you? This is easy," he says as you're squatted up against a wall, holding a medicine ball in front of you, sweat dripping down your face, between your girls, your thighs quivering.

So when he says, "Yeah, you'll be puking next week," it makes me slightly worried.

By mid Monday morning I may be in a heap, people. Let the prayers begin.

Hopefully I'll still be alive for next week's Quick Takes. Until then, catch what other people have to say by clicking over to Conversion Diary. Have a great weekend!


Mary Moss said...

Tammi, I so look forward to Fridays at your blog! I love the fact that you're so "real" and don't mind letting us know!

I'll be praying for you over the weekend -- and especially on Monday -- when I will NOT be in exercise boot camp! LOL!

Brenda said...

I have never and will never sign up for a boot camp. And thanks a lot. Not I will have to shut my eyes when Kevin walks past.