Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Popcorn Perils

Boy, oh boy, did I ever have a Monday morning. Amid the usual hubbub of making breakfast and signing checks for the kids (I swear all our money goes to school and Walmart), Drama Queen asked me to make some popcorn for her to take on a field trip. Now you must know that over the weekend I tried my hand at popping popcorn without the aid of my microwave and the kids LOVED it. Still fascinated at the "old-fashioned" way of making "homemade popcorn," Drama Queen, Ladies Man and Kevin formed an audience as I heated oil in a pan on the stove.

Feeling pretty proud of myself for my savvy cooking skills, ingenuity and ability to capture my family's attention on a Monday morning, I stood tall as I grabbed the bag of unpopped corn, ready to hear their oohs and aahs when gorgeous puffs of fluffy whiteness popped before their very eyes. Slowly I poured a layer of kernels into the oil when suddenly the entire bag's contents came rushing out the other end scattering all over the kitchen. ACK!!

Remember how I talked a few weeks ago about my tendency to melt plastic? Apparently when I poured in the popcorn, the bottom of the bag touched the edge of the hot pan, burning a hole.

Kevin, Drama Queen, and Ladies Man witnessed the debacle, but held their breath waiting for my reaction. With the exception of popcorn kernels tittering everywhere, the kitchen was dead silent. You would've been proud of me. I glanced at my husband who looked as if he was going to pop himself, his jaw clenched, his eyebrows raised in expectation of the explosion.

"I melted the bag," I said and started laughing. Once I did, everyone else joined along and breathing commenced.

The good news is the popcorn turned out great (my best yet!) and I got some good mom points. Look at it! Isn't it beautiful?!

Oh the lengths we women go to please our families (and give them a good laugh on a Monday morning!). Would you believe after all that I STILL made cupcakes last night for the same kid to take to school today?!

To use her vernacular, Mother's Day better be "freaking sweet" this year!

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Rachelle said...

"Freaking sweet" my new favorite phrase.