Friday, April 23, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Volume 79)

1) Ladies Man lived up to his name yet again this week. The kids got out of school early on Wednesday and he asked if he could go out to lunch and then bring a few friends home for the afternoon. He and a buddy sauntered into the house, played around on the computer and then settled on the front porch. I heard them talking and didn't think much of it until I went to draw the blinds. As I raised the blind on the front window a chorus of giggles greeted me. Half a dozen girls swarmed Ladies Man and his friend who sat on the porch swing.

Ladies Man (his voice a few notches lower): Oh, hey Mom, a few people stopped by.

Me: Yeah, I see that. Hi girls.

Giggle, giggle, giggle. . .

Ladies Man: Hey, you guys want to see my electric guitar? Have you seen my gecko? You want some brownies?

Girls: Ohhh, your lizard's so cute. Ohhh, your mom makes the best brownies. Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, giggle, giggle, giggle. . .

It was too cute. They weren't here long, maybe 30-45 minutes, but I was impressed with Ladies Man's hosting skills. He gave them the perfect amount of attention along with a good dose of testosterone as he encouraged them to play basketball. Is my son a "player?" (For those of you unfamiliar with this term, my kids use it to reference a guy who knows his way around women and dates scads of them.) I'm thankful they were all at my house, so I could keep an eye on him!

2) Speaking of players, my kids informed me this week their grandpa was a player. Ever since he told them the story of dating twins and telling one good night using the wrong name, their impression of him has changed.

Drama Queen: Yeah, Grandpa's totally a player.

Ladies Man: Even you say he has a charm, Mom.

Guilty as charged, but I'd never call him a player. Charming, definitely, but a player. . .I don't know.

3) Apparently the genes have passed down through the generations though. I remember clearly most of Kevin's friends in high school and college were girls. Drummer Boy possesses the same Boesiger charm as his elders, garnering much admiration from older women who find him good-looking, but he has kept women his own age at bay by expressing his appreciation for them in teasing. Ladies Man has me worried though.

Ladies Man (fingering the hair behind his ears): This is starting to curl up back here.

Me: Time for a haircut?

Ladies Man: Nah, chicks dig the curls.

Mental note: Keep encouraging Ladies Man to have friends over to OUR house.

4) I got into a great discussion with a friend the other day over this question, "Why get married?" As I listened to her lament the adjustments marriage requires, the inevitable hard work involved and the learning curve of understanding another person, I considered why I like being married. Only one word came to mind.


For me marriage is sanctuary from the outside world, from the pressures of life, from even myself. No matter how bad the day is, I can always go home where I don't have to be anything or anybody. There is safety and security and love honest enough to say, "Tami, just let it be." Life is a continual state of change which is tough for me, but along with God, my husband is a constant. He is always there for me, always loves me, always seeks my best. Sanctuary is worth the struggle of marriage.

I'm curious. What do you think? How would you answer the question, "Why get married?"

5) Miss Innocent One tried her hand at making popcorn on the stove. I'm happy to report no stray kernels escaped all over the kitchen and the end product was beautiful except for a layer on the bottom of the pan that got, shall we say, a little crisp? You must know that Ladies Man takes it upon himself to tell her how to do everything and is never shy about pointing out her mistakes, so when he investigated the aroma from the other room, Miss Innocent One did whatever necessary to avoid his scrutiny.

Ladies Man: Did you burn it?

Miss Innocent One shot me a smirk and quickly stirred the popcorn so the "well done" pieces were covered by lovely pristine white ones.

Me: No, it looks great.

Ladies Man: It smells burned from upstairs.

Miss Innocent One continued stirring.

Me: Nope. See?

Ladies Man: Oh, must just be the pan.

Miss Innocent One's eyes twinkled as he grabbed a handful and left the room. It isn't often she gets to be the one who pulls a fast one on her siblings, but this night, she loved it.

6) We're going to watch Drama Queen at District Music Contest today. She's playing a snare drum solo and a marimba duet. Her solo was written by Drummer Boy who titled it "My Sibling's Abyss" (you think he was trying to say something?) and her marimba duet was arranged by her dad. She sees playing her family's music as nothing unusual. It just goes to show you how your birth family shapes your perspective on the world.

7) Ladies Man announced he was going outside to play basketball and promptly came back in after about thirty seconds.

Ladies Man: I'm done. I played one on one.

Me: Against who?!

Ladies man: One arm versus the other one. Guess which one won?

Miss Innocent One: Your right one.

Ladies Man: Yep. The left one can't shoot like crap, but it can rebound.

And that's what's going on in our house this week, friends. Check out some other Quick Takes posts at Conversion Diary. Have a great weekend!


Brenda said...

"Life is a continual state of change which is tough for me, but along with God, my husband is a constant. He is always there for me, always loves me, always seeks my best. Sanctuary is worth the struggle of marriage."

This is exactly what I have always said about my husband, Chris. He is the grounded consistent accountant. I am the ever changing therapist. The world is constantly changing, is often chaotic. I know what he will think, I know what he will say, I know what he will do. I find great comfort in that. Or sanctuary as you say! As for the contest and your family written songs, none of us would have clue how to do that. Your family has great musical talent.

Kathleen@so much to say, so little time said...

The stories about the kids are hilarious! I'm so looking forward to those as my kids get older. Right now I have 3 kids but only one who can talk. I just can't wait!