Thursday, April 22, 2010


Great and holy God
awe and reverence
fear and trembling
do not come easily to us
for we are not
Old Testament Jews
or Moses
or mystics
or sensitive enough.
Forgive us
for slouching into Your presence
with little expectation
and less awe
than we would eagerly give a visiting dignitary.
We need
neither Jehovah nor a buddy--
neither "the Great and Powerful Oz" nor "the man upstairs."
Help us
to want what we need. . .
and may the altar of our hearts
tremble with delight
Your visitation

by Frederick Ohler
taken from the Mosiac Bible, p. 89

Photo Credit: kern.justin


Maurie said...

Powerful poem...we do need God in all his glory, grandeur, approachable-ness, and fatherhood.
Thank you for reminding me. By the way, I started a new blog--for readers who like interior design, but also for all of us who want his design imprinted on our interior! Stop by and see what you think. I'm trying to build up a readership, but it is a slow, slow process!

Mary Moss said...

Wow! What a wonderful prayer/poem.

Thanks for sharing this.