Friday, July 09, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Volume 89)-- The THIS is What Summer is Supposed to Be Edition

1) Look out folks! This chicky's finally found her summer groove. I've had SO MUCH FUN in the last week and half (when I'm not stressing at night over everything I'm NOT getting done!). Ah, this is what summer is supposed to be. Next week we'll have a little more fun and then back to the daily grind.

2) A trip to the Ozarks last week with GREAT friends started my slide into summer. Six adults and ten kids made for lots of commotion, but good times.

Now there's a boatload of kids--literally (Good one, Anessa!) and we were missing our college-aged ones. It's tough to grow up and have to work.

The guys--don't they look studly?

And of course, the girls. Bow chicka wow wow.

Thank you Mark and Rachelle! It was an awesome time!

3) Don't think time spent at the lake is all for the kids. The adults know how to have fun too. Catch this tubing adventure.

I wish I had video of this so you could see how the guys feet bob up and down while they're riding. It's so funny. But anyway, do you see how the guys are trying to pester the girls, grabbing at their tube? They managed to get them dunked.

The girls get back on and recover while the guys try to play it cool.

What? What did we do? I'm not buying it boys. I witnessed the whole thing.

4) After getting back from the Ozarks late Saturday night, we jumped back in the van on Sunday and drove three hours to spend the Fourth at my sister's house. We ended up leaving Ladies Man there to chill with his cousins and brought home my niece to hang with Miss Innocent One. I told my sister she got the bad end of this deal. Her boys are 19, 15 and 14 and she added Ladies Man to her mix. Meanwhile, I got a sweet 9 year-old, Drama Queen is gone to band camp and Drummer Boy is working all week. You know how easy it is to hang out with two cutie patooties? We're having a great time.

5) More sparring adventures between Drama Queen and her daddy.

Kevin: I'm used to everyone thinking Mom is the intelligent one behind everything.

Drama Queen says nothing, but flashes a signature look his way.

Kevin: What?

Drama Queen: Nothing.

Kevin: You think so too, don't you?

Drama Queen: I didn't say anything.

Kevin: But you think it, don't you? I can tell by the look on your face.

Drama Queen: Dad, don't put words in my mouth and looks in my eyes.

Oooh, good comeback.

6) We had great fun yesterday afternoon when my sister-in-law joined us at the waterpark. It was tough to get the kids to stop long enough for a picture.

Let me interpret this for you. My niece Sweet Cheeks and Spiderman's little brother are thinking, "HELLO, WHY ARE WE TAKING A PICTURE WHEN THE SAFETY CHECK IS OVER?!" My little nephews couldn't get enough of the purple slide. We'd barely get out of the water before they were saying, "Let's do it again!" Look at their smiling faces. (Nice job catching us in the act, Miss Innocent One!)

When I asked their mom how many times we'd have to take them down before they'd quit asking, she said, "Try a hundred!" It was a hoot to see them get so excited.

7) More proof Drama Queen's theatrics come from her father.

Ha! You see how unfazed I am with his antics? You gotta love the guy. I know I do.

And that's a wrap this fine summer-is-oh-so-good Friday. Find some more laughs by checking out other Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


DJ at The Quiet Quill said...

Looks like you're having a blast! How fun. Enjoy your summer, friend. :)

Rachelle said...

I Love it!! FUN is what summer was meant for!

Anessa said...

Finally...someone understood my "boat load of kids" pun! Yay!

Jaime Kubik said...

I'm not so sure I agree with the comment about where Drama Queen gets all her looks....yes, Kevin does look a bit "dramatic" but that look on your face is priceless too!

e-Mom said...

Thanks for taking us along with you Tami! I had fun on that slippery water slide with you folks today...

Summer... bring it on! ღ