Thursday, July 08, 2010

Shooting the Minnow

We spent a few days in the Ozarks last week with some wonderful friends. One of the activities you can take part in is something called "shooting the minnow." Basically you put a live minnow in a shot glass of whatever liquid you choose, then down it in one swallow.

(I feel the need to pause for a moment and let you know I was the only woman in our group who planned on eating poor boy sushi. My dear friend Rachelle did not corrupt me and put me up to it. It was my own idea. Really. There--proof I am NOT the "salt of the earth" as she teases me. You're welcome, babe.)

I thought gulping a wriggling creature great posting material and told Kevin to take pictures of me doing it. When Rachelle found out she could make the blog, she was in too. Poor Edie hated the thought, but being the good sport she is played along anyway. Isn't she a good friend? (Just wait, you'll see her great sacrifice in a minute.) Here's the play by play (You must know our husbands were taking pictures which is why we're looking in different directions, although hanging out with ten kids for three days may have made us a little loopy too.).

First we drop the little fishies in our shot glasses.

Here goes nothing. YIKES! See how impressed our kids are?! We got big Tough Mama points for this. Those kids know we can put the smack down, I tell you. Get a load of Edie's face. She REALLY doesn't want to do this.

And here's why she had reservations.

Poor girl! Don't worry. She got it down. It doesn't look like Rachelle found it all that appetizing either, but we survived the ordeal and were none worse for wear.

Does this make us blood brothers, or I mean, blood sisters or something? Surely swallowing minnows together bonds you in some way, right?

It's pure silliness and one of the reasons I love these girls so much. Not only are they fun loving and willing to down live bait to help me have a goofy blog post, but they're humble enough to let the world see them do it.

Love you guys!

Stay tuned tomorrow for more fun Ozarks pics.

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Rachelle said...

It all seems so much more silly, when it's out there in print, with photos! What I won't do for fame!