Monday, August 23, 2010

Adventures with the Ice Maker

Ladies Man got some ice and brought me a cup full of yuck. Chunks of brown and black resided with the cubes. There was even some tiny pieces of paper.

Me: What in the world is that?!

Ladies Man: It came out of the ice maker.

Being the ever sleuthful mother, I took a sniff.

Me: It smells like peanut butter.

Suddenly Drama Queen had a confession.

Drama Queen: That's my fault. The Boyfriend and I were eating Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and put one on the ice to harden up. We forgot all about it.

Me: And WHEN was this?

Drama Queen: I don't know. Last week?

Sure enough, when I investigated, I saw she was right. That perfectly wonderful treat of chocolatey smoothness survived countless dumps of ice over top of it and traveled all the way down to the dispenser.

Now for anybody this would be an annoying pain in the wahzoo, but at our house it's actually dangerous. Ladies Man is allergic to peanuts. I couldn't just fish out the wrapper and live with wonky tasting ice for a while. I had to get the puppy scrubbed completely clean which meant I had to take the whole thing apart.

Are you scared for me yet? With every screw I removed (and there were around a dozen) I took mental note. I kept praying I'd be able to get the goofy thing back together. This isn't my first crack at dismantling appliances though. I've taken apart my vacuum few times too. There's something very satisfying about figuring out a minor mechanical problem yourself. Does that make me a man?

Anyway, I used a toothbrush to scrub the blades deep inside and managed to get the whole smack sparkling clean. (Don't you love my organized piles of screws?)


Then panic hit. A rectangular plastic piece fell from I'm not even sure where and my husband stepped in to see what I was doing and mixed up my screws. Don't worry though, all the screws were the same and fit in any hole, but I took advantage of the opportunity to make Kevin aware that any failure to get the ice maker back to proper working order would probably be his fault.

It proved to be unnecessary as I found screws for every hole. VoilĂ !

But the real test was when I put it back in the freezer. It didn't fit terribly snug, wiggling more than I remembered it doing before. I held my breath and got a glass.

Ta da! I did it! Now pray it works past Thursday. That wiggle's bound to be a problem some time, right?

I'm not going to think about it. May your Monday bring you clean ice, friends!


Constance said...

You go girl!! Like you I get great satisfaction from being a tad independent. It goes back to being a latch-key kid when I was a child, then a single mom and HAVING to do stuff on my own! I can hang drywall, take apart a garbage disposal (and what's even better-put it back together), paint walls, miter corners and so on. I remind my Hub how lucky he is that I can do all that stuff, sparing him the work. I even have my very own, girly tool box!! The funny thing is that he'll ask me for one of MY tools when he needs something rather than going into the Holy Grail of a Tool Box! Ha Ha!

Dianne said...

That's pretty impressive. I love taking things apart and fixing them too. I remember my gram fixing countless toaster and other kitchen appliances - back when that's what you did, fixed things instead of just buying new ones. Bet you felt really good when it worked again!