Friday, August 20, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Volume 95)

1) Everyone except Drummer Boy started school this week. He's spent the last eight days at drum line and band camp doing what he loves most. Guess who we haven't heard from much? He's loving apartment living, telling Kevin on Tuesday he'd had friends over three nights in a row to "pad" (drumspeak for practicing on their drum pads) and play Xbox.

You'd be proud of me. I haven't asked him even once if he's eaten!

2) The rest of the kids were subjected to my embarrassing first day of school photo shoot.

Doesn't Miss Innocent One look cute for her first day of middle school? She's only gotten lost a few times and has the locker thing down pat. It'll be a great year, babe!

Can you tell how much Ladies Man has grown over the summer?! You can't see it in this picture, but his shirt actually sprouts colors in the sun. Freaky! This boy's totally ready for high school and the independence it brings, although he's figured out he's at his sister's mercy until he's driving himself.

When I asked Drama Queen what she was wearing for her first day of school I got this.

Drama Queen: Pssht. T-shirt and shorts. School's not worth dressing up for.

You think she's got senior-itis already?

Do you see how she's mocking me for taking this pic? Here's a better shot.

3) Want to embarrass your son on his first day of high school? Hit a classmate's car in the parking lot when you pick him up.

I'm such an idiot.

4) One night in tears, Miss Innocent One confessed her anxiety about starting middle school. In an effort to soothe her I told her of my own night-before-the-first-day-of-school angst.

Every fall I'd have dreams about getting lost in cattle lots instead of my classroom or mean kids who called me bad names or friends snubbing me for my sister. But the scariest one happened in kindergarten. My teacher was pretty strict and sometimes in kindergarten kids had accidents, of the bathroom nature. I must have been worried about controlling my own bodily functions, because one night I dreamed my teacher glued my butt shut.

The story did the trick, making Miss Innocent One burst out laughing, even days later. She tells me whenever she gets nervous at school, she just remembers me getting my butt glued shut and she calms right down.

5) Want to see the progress in Drama Queen's room? Don't think we're nuts when you see the color scheme. Trust me. It goes GREAT with the comforter set.

There's still a little trim work and touch ups that need to be done.

We have SOME of the furniture, but not all of it. Here's a piece we picked up as a total surprise.

I'm anxious to see the finished product with everything in place. She can't wait to get into it!

6) While eating breakfast, Drama Queen tells me The Boyfriend may be stopping by.

Drama Queen: He's bringing over something I forgot at his house.

Me: This morning, like NOW?

Drama Queen: Yeah.

Me: I guess I better put a bra on then, huh?

Miss Innocent One starts laughing.

Me: What?

Miss Innocent One: You should have seen Ladies Man's face. He looked totally disgusted.

Your mom's got boobs, buddy. Get used to it.

(Wow. Butts and boobs all in the same post. Are you still with me?!)

7) We're headed to Drummer Boy's band exhibition at the University of Nebraska tonight. Any of you in my vicinity looking for something to do tonight head on over to Memorial Stadium at 7:00 for a free show. Watch for pictures next week!

And that's a wrap, folks. Have a terrific weekend and peek at other Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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