Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Picture of Beauty

I watch her and feel out of my league.

The light behind her illuminates hair perfectly framing her face. Her eyes thoughtful and penetrating confirm she's hearing me. When she speaks, wisdom and confidence and compassion flow out. The lines that form around her mouth and the crinkles at her eyes when she laughs make me love her even more for her depth and character. Being in her presence alone makes everything better.

This is beauty.

To think.
To ask.
To listen.
To be genuine.
To risk giving an opinion.
To be tender.
To encourage.
To be open.
To be an individual.
To obey.
To be vulnerable.
To speak truth.
To love.

If it's true that no man is poor who has a friend, I am a billionaire. The stunning women I call my friends enrich and soothe my soul. They make me better.

I am in awe of their beauty, captured by their lovely spirits, blessed beyond measure.

How I love and treasure you, my friends.


Rachelle said...

You always know how to make my heart smile! Right back at ya!!!

D.J. Hughes said...

This is beautiful! What an incredible expression of care for your friends. How truly blessed anyone would be to call you "friend."