Friday, August 27, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Volume 96)

1) Happy Birthday to Miss Innocent One!

She turns 12 today. She was 21 inches long when she was born. All wrapped in a pink blanket, Kevin thought she looked like a hot dog. He never lived it down when he uttered it in church one day.

But she's the sweetest hot dog ever. We're so proud of you, babe! WE LOVE YOU!

2) Miss Innocent One celebrated her birthday with her friends last weekend because this weekend my brother gets married. We'll spend her birthday at the rehearsal dinner. We've been telling her this one will be extra special because she'll spend it with our whole family and get an aunt for her birthday!

And speaking of her celebration with friends. When did I get so old that recovering from a slumber party takes me at least a week?! I've been walking in a fog since Sunday.

Note to self: You're not as young as you used to be. GUARD YOUR BEAUTY REST!

3) Drama Queen is growing up before my very eyes. She got a new job a few weeks before school started and has been putting in lots of hours, but LOVES it. She leaves the house for work all dressed up and professional looking. She keeps up with her homework. She even sang the national anthem at a softball game last night saying, "I'm a senior. I figure it's time I stepped up."

Look out, world. This girl's ready to take you on and will shine bright. It's just too bad she has to leave my house to do it. I love you, babe. You amaze me.

4) We attended the UNL Marching Band Exhibition last Friday night. Drummer Boy made the drum line again and is thrilled to be back at it with his buddies. This will give you an idea of the size of this band. I think I counted twenty tubas. TWENTY! If you add in the flag corp and twirlers I believe the group is around 300 strong!

The drum line has a solo in the pregame show. Drummer Boy is the snare player on the right end.

At one point they jam a little.

Here's a close up of him in action.

Congratulations, Drummer Boy. Watching you in the band is pure joy.

5) Just as I suspected, the "wiggle" in my ice maker came back to haunt me. The freezer door wasn't shutting right and one morning I got up to a half-thawed mess. So I dismantled the whole smack again, and this time fixed the problem. One piece which was supposed to slip INSIDE the container I had attached outside.

Now all is well in Boesiger Iceland. Life may continue. Aren't you relieved?

6) Ladies Man is enjoying high school. One day I went to pick him up and he was "hanging" in a friend's car talking. Yesterday a girl who's a junior called out, "Bye, ultra friend." He's asked to have the trombone players over next week. (Apparently like instruments need to bond.) And so far the Homework Nazi hasn't had to come out. Let's pray he's staying on top of things.

It's SO satisfying to see him transition smoothly. When he was a child we had WAY too many days I wondered how he'd ever make it in life being fearful of new situations. God has taught him to put himself out there and I just sit back in wonder.

Pushing yourself was worth it, wasn't it Ladies Man? We are thrilled with how far you've come.

7) I'm still going through some withdrawal since Drummer Boy moved out, but always get a kick out of his e-mails. Somehow the guy captures himself in his words. I got one last night whose subject line read "SHTUFF." He started it out like this:


I can totally hear him saying it (and so can any of you who know him, right?!). It takes so little to warm my heart.

I am a blessed, grateful, overcome mother. God is so good to me with my children.

And now the mush fest must end. Enjoy your weekend and read some other Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


Kathleen@so much to say, so little time said...

I can't stand football, and marching band (frankly) was miserable. Yet when I see a marching band these days, some switch inside me flips, and I feel this burning desire to be in the midst of it all again. :) Maybe I just never appreciated the glut of outdoor time.

Drum lines--AWESOME.

Meghan said...

What a cute, simple cake. Happy b-day to your little innocent one.

D.J. Hughes said...

Twenty tubas! I love this. Your quick-takes are always awesome. Congratulations on getting a new sister-in-law. I'm jealous. I wish my brothers would get married. Sigh.

Ah, the life of parenting high-schoolers. So fun.

Blessings to you this week!