Thursday, August 05, 2010

Time to Eat?

Sheesh. We've been a little heavy and introspective here the last few days, don't you think? Time to lighten up. How about some adventures in food?

I was eating a snack when my husband walked in and took a double take.

Kevin: WHAT are you eating?

Me: It's just granola and almonds.

Kevin: It looks like gerbil food.

He scowled at me like I was an alien creature and left the room. I recovered his respect last night though when I accidentally dropped a piece of lettuce on my chest.

It came to rest in the only crevice on a woman's chest. My husband took another double take, but this time no disapproving look accompanied it.

Kevin: Salad hasn't looked so good in a long time.

Maybe I need to get creative in my food service, huh? Try not to think about it too much. I don't want anyone losing their lunch. Have a great day, friends!

Photo Credits: norwichnuts and Trinity

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