Friday, August 06, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Volume 93)

1) I'm not sure, but I think my deaf friend who works at the Y told me I should leave my husband this week.

He approached me like usual, asking me if I was okay, then put his thumb to his ear and pinkie to his mouth in the "call me" position. He pointed at me, then himself, pretended he was driving a car and then did a little jump in the air, flinging his hands upward then clutching them to his chest. Noticing my confused face, he pointed again to me, then his ring finger, then put his fists up to his eyes as if he was crying.

I wasn't taking any chances and wanted to make myself perfectly clear, so I pointed to myself, crossed my arms over my heart, then pointed at my ring finger trying to say, "I love my husband."

I think he got the hint because he nodded and crossed his fingers in front of him like a stake used to ward off vampires.

This guy keeps me on my toes.

2) Drama Queen and Ladies Man made it home from Missions Trip in one piece, although Ladies Man was sick for three days afterward. I have a feeling there wasn't much sleeping happening, but these pictures confirm it was worth it.

Kids used to tell these two in elementary school if they shaved off their hair they'd pass as twins. I never saw it, but they do look alike in this picture, huh? Going to a poor area of Mississippi, they got first hand experience with what it means to be a minority. Apparently segregation is alive and well. The only swimming pool in this community is for whites only.

Isn't this sweet?! The names of the Mississippi kids are MUCH different than what they're used to in Nebraska. Ladies Man wouldn't even attempt to pronounce the name of one of his boys.

Missions trip is a highlight of the summer for our kids, giving them a front row seat to God working and binding them with their classmates. How about a big shout out to our youth group sponsors? You do GREAT work, Sam and Becca! THANK YOU!

3) Drummer Boy, Drama Queen and Ladies Man spent this week at Band Camp. Poor kids marched from 8:AM to 3:PM in 100 degree weather. They came home looking so hot and sunburned every day, but didn't complain at all. Apparently band camp is a good time. The band director had a sprinkler rigged up to spray on them while they practiced drill on the field. Nice job, Febes! Thanks!

We'll attend their exhibition tonight, showing what they learned. It will be the first time Ladies Man has been in the group and seeing Drama Queen's intensity is always a treat. It will be fun to watch.

4) Big news in our house this week--guess who got glasses, just in time to start middle school?

Aren't they cute? And get a load of the stylish stems.

Can you believe the tan line on that girl?

5) School starts in eleven days. Wow. Enough said.

6) My husband came home from the Y this week saying, "I'm getting my abs back" and I wanted to slap him. He's gone to the Y maybe half a dozen times this summer and he's getting his abs back?! I don't know why I find that so irritating. I benefit more than anybody from the returned abs, right? I suppose it's because it's taken me YEARS to get to where I am today and I still have areas that need work. It's just not fair a guy can put in a couple of weeks and see results, is it? Back me up here, ladies! Arg!

7) Wonder what I've been doing while my kids have been gone to Mississippi and playing in the sprinkler at band camp? For the last two weeks I've spent my mornings taping drywall in an attic room we're making for Drama Queen. This window looks out the front of the house. GREAT view!

This cutout will house a bookshelf near the window, making a perfect little nook for a cute chair and reading.

This cutout will be built in drawers. We're thinking of putting a desk on the adjacent wall where the fan and light sit.

Here's where the bed will probably sit.

Cool, huh? I'm jealous. I'd love it for an office, but I'm taking her old room instead. This girl's had the smallest bedroom in the house for too long. She needs a sweet room, especially since she'll be moving out in a year. We need incentive for her to come home.

Since we don't want to install the air conditioner until all the sanding is done, I only work up here until noon. My afternoons have been spent here:

I'm working in my dining room on the script for our church's Christmas musical. It's pretty tough to think Christmas when it's 100 degrees outside, but I've got to get this puppy finished in a few weeks. YIKES!

Guess how my next two weeks will be spent?

And that's a wrap this first Friday in August. I hope you do something fun this weekend. Have a few laughs by reading other Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


Kathleen@so much to say, so little time said...

I'm envious of that room, and in awe of your abilities. Drywalling???? Wow!

Young Mom said...

OOoooo! I have always wanted a bedroom with sloped ceilings. And I hear you on the exercise thing, my hubby started swimming a year ago and he's lost 4 pants sizes!

Rea said...

Add me to the ones with room envy. I am picturing the perfect cozy little hideaway.

And I'm with you on the 'no fair' on the abs. I'm not sure I even remember what my abs look like.