Monday, August 09, 2010

Twenty-Four Years

Twenty-four years ago today, I married this man. How do you thank a person for providing you a happy and meaningful lifetime, for pushing you out of your comfort zone and making you better, for years of listening and empathizing and providing and loving? What words can possibly thank him for making me feel valuable?

Is it enough to tell others I love my husband, to call him my miracle, to speak well of him in front of our kids? Can I honor him by always being on his team and believing in him when he doesn't believe in himself? Will he get the idea if I consistently pick him first and make him meatloaf and bring him root beer freezes and let him watch t.v. even when it annoys me? Can gratitude be expressed in clean underwear and squelching the nagging, in walks for ice cream and not waking him up in the morning?

I hope so, because this is how I've tried to say thank you to a man who has been wonderful to me.

I don't know why God chose to bless us, honey, but I am so thankful. Happy anniversary. I love you more now than ever.


MiPa said...


Susan said...

Happy Anniversary Tammy!!

I love the way you guys love each other♥

Rachelle said...

Oh you two love birds, congrats!! Sorry I missed it!! You two are so cute together, then & now!

e-Mom said...

A bit behind the curve here, but just wanted to congratulate you two. Still a good-looking couple, do doubt! ღ