Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Winds of Change are Blowing

Those of you who know me well are holding your breath right now after reading that title. Rest assured, I am still breathing, still sleeping, still a fairly normal functioning adult, but if you catch me being a titch emotional or snippy, this may be why.

The pot is stirring.

Miss Innocent One starts middle school next week. She's nervous about it which brings out the Mama Bear in me (Ladies Man would be so proud I said that), wishing I could be there to ease her into it. It's the first time in fifteen years we won't be visiting the elementary school. That makes me feel old. And sad. And old. Plus I'm going to miss chit-chatting with the teachers there.

Ladies Man starts high school which means he begins the process of never being home anymore, of stretching his wings and becoming more independent. And I'm afraid the flirt in him will really emerge. Lord, help us. And now, more than ever, the homework nazi in me will have to come out again. Ugh. Can you say STRESS?! This boy does NOT get along well with Homework Nazi who is a fun sucker extraordinaire, but a mama's gotta do what it takes to get the kid through school, right? Poo. And yuck. And bleh.

Drama Queen starts her senior year, her LAST year. This one brings out the melancholy in me more than any of the others. I get misty every time I think about it. When she was barely two years old, she often made her opinion known telling me, "You hurt my fleelings" and now my fiesty little "you hurt my fleelings" girl is all grown up. In one year we'll be packing her off for college. Watching her anxiety over her friends leaving this fall, I decided Drama Queen has a harder time with change than I do. Imagine! Lord, have mercy and make us all ready.

And if all this isn't enough, Drummer Boy moved into his first apartment. Does this mean he'll never live at home again? These days I'm the annoying mother who takes him shopping for cleaning supplies and constantly asks him if he's eating. It was so awesome having him home this summer and now I'll be out of the loop again to his day to day happenings. I know it's normal and right and healthy and I'll honor all that, but it does bring a tear to my eye.

Change is good. (Who said that anyway?) I used to worry about what I'd write about once my kids were grown and out of the house, but it occurred to me the other day I may have grandkids by that time. Talk about feeling old. Yikes! Since the only constant in life is change, I may as well get used to it. I won't look back, only forward as we approach the next steps in life and find the advantages in new stages. I'll anticipate the sweet changes in life as God's natural order and gift.

And I'll be glad my stint as Homework Nazi will some day be over.


Shelley said...

Oh that is a lot of change - it seems overwhelming when you write it a down - but God will give you grace for the moments you find yourself in - I've been experiencing that lately - well more like mercy in my case!! Blessing on you my friend x

MiPa said...

Praying for you my friend as you weather these storms of change. Praying for each of you children as they experience their own changes this year that they weather well. Hugs.

Annette said...

Wow that seems so fast. I can hardly believe that Kelsi is a senior already! Your kids have just grown up so fast. We love your family and I love reading your posts.

Rachelle said...

Can you hear me sighing...aaaahhhhh