Friday, September 24, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Volume 100) Can You Believe It?

1) One hundred volumes of Quick Takes?!

And you're STILL READING?!

Seriously, do we need to talk about getting you a life?

2) Drama Queen was up to her normal reactive self when Ladies Man looked at her and said: "Your nose has so many emotions."

A nose? Emotions? He may be on to something.

3) Ladies Man overheard me seeking Drama Queen's thoughts on my appearance.

Me: I'm thinking about getting mahogany highlights in my hair.

Ladies Man: WHY?!

Drama Queen: Cause she's dumb.

(Drama Queen thinks gray hair is a crown of splendor. Well, she and GOD think so. Is it a terrible sin to want to look younger?)

Me: To hide the gray.

Ladies Man: Don't get freaked out about gray hair like kids do when they start growing hair in new places, Mom.

Drama Queen: Yeah. You can't prevent it, just like you can't prevent Ladies Man from getting arm pit hair.

So now they're comparing my gray hair to arm pit hair? Is there any question what needs to be done here?

4) Speaking of hair, this do Drama Queen wears when she doesn't want to do her hair always cracks me up.

Wow, look at all those natural highlights. For some reason it reminds me of the Whos in Whoville from How the Grinch Stole Christmas so I call it Who Hair.

5) Another dinner time adventure in the Boesiger house:

Ladies Man: Mom, can you get me a plate?

Me: You were just there. Why didn't you get your own plate?

Ladies Man: I can't get way over there.

Drama Queen: Quit being lazy.

Ladies Man (to Drama Queen): Can YOU get me a plate?

Drama Queen: Can you jump off a cliff?

Ladies Man: I can't. I'm too lazy.

6) I stumbled into my kitchen early yesterday morning to find this note next to the stove top left by Ladies Man.

He DOES think I'm running a restaurant!

7) I must end this edition on a sappy note. I've felt SOOO blessed by my relationships this week. I experienced healing, thoughtful, honest (even painful) discussions with a handful of friends which left me feeling grateful for real communication. To be understood and loved anyway is a priceless gift.

My husband topped off the feeling. Trying to communicate something very personal to him, I worried I wasn't putting it quite right or that it might be hard to understand. He stopped me with a smile and a pat on my hip, saying, "Honey, we've been married almost 25 years. I know you."

And it made me all warm inside, knowing without a doubt that he does.

God is so good, isn't He, friends? May He show you this week the treasure of the beautiful relationships He's placed in your lives.

And thus ends another week in the Boesiger household. Enjoy the weekend and take a gander at other Quick Takes by clicking over to Conversion Diary.


Kathleen@so much to say, so little time said...

Lovely as always. Your family is wonderful.

I am beginning to see gray hairs that bother me. I've always been determined to grow gray gracefully, but 36 just seems too young. :)

Jaime Kubik said...

You would look amazing with mahogany highlights! Go for it! Also, I got a kick out of your kids' Facebook comments yesterday. Ladies Man said he found his iPod. Drama Queen commented, "you did, where?" It struck me that they were probably commenting about this silly thing while sitting at computers in their own know, instead of having a face to face conversation?? Your kids crack me up! Gotta love 'em! Looking forward to seeing you guys on Saturday night!

e-Mom said...

Laughing... your DH is SO neat. Love this: "Honey, we've been married almost 25 years. I know you."

e-Dad says similar things to me. We've heard each other's stories so many times that lately, our favorite line is, "Honey, keep it short!"