Thursday, November 25, 2010

I Don't Know Why

Lord, I don't know why You've blessed me.

I don't know why You gave me the desires of my heart in a husband who loves me more than I thought possible, who will forever be in my corner, holding my hand, navigating the rocky seas of life.

I don't know why You've given us children who love You, who aren't afraid to think for themselves, who fill our home with activity and laughter.

I don't know why You decided to make our extended families a treasured part of our lives, parents who back us up yet trust us to live our own lives, siblings we want to see more, cousins and nieces and nephews who enhance us.

I don't know why You've granted me quality relationships, people who see the real me and even like it, people who support me and love me and tell me what's true, wonderful friends who think the best without expectations.

I don't know why You've enriched our lives with an amazing church body, servants who love You and encourage us to do the same, who worship and think and challenge.

I don't know why You've given us gifts and the opportunities to use them.

Lord, I don't know why You chose me, a selfish, quiet, insignificant little girl. Why did You think I would be fit for Your family? Why did You decide to pour Your Spirit on me and let me be a part of Your work? Why have You surrounded me, my whole life, with people who lead me in Your way?

I don't know why You have blessed me, Lord.

But I am so very thankful. May I live my life in sincere gratitude to You.

Thank You dear Jesus.

Photo Credit: Puzzler4879

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