Friday, December 17, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Volume 112)

1) It's been concert central at our house. Last Friday we attended a concert for Drummer Boy. The Cornhusker Band Highlights Concert is always a good time. The band plays all of the music from their half time shows. They start the night off with the entire auditorium pitch black and play the theme to 2001: A Space Odyssey, followed by the fight song which is always a crowd pleaser.

I only snapped one really bad, dark picture where you couldn't see Drummer Boy at all before the announcer said photographs weren't allowed. Poop. See?

I got a better shot of baldy than my son. Poop again. He's there somewhere between the biggest bass drum and a tuba. I guess you'll have to trust me. He did great and it was an awesome night. So proud of you, Drummer Boy!

On the upside, the tickets are a little pricey and when we walked in some guy had five free tickets to give away. The seat were located in a prime spot in the auditorium too. They were given to him by a local music store and when we told him how much they were he said, "Merry Christmas AND Happy New Year!"

2) Monday night brought a concert for Miss Innocent One. I did manage one picture of her playing her saxophone. She's the girl in the polka dot skirt. It takes some talent to look lady like with a sax hovering by your knees, but she did it. Nice work, babe.

3) Last night was a concert for Drama Queen and Ladies Man. Again, my photography skills were a little lacking. The picture I got of Drama Queen looked much like the one I got of Drummer Boy--dark, blurry and impossible to pick her out.

Don't you feel sorry for my kids? Drama Queen is in the front row, three in from the right. Again, trust me. She looked beautiful. Love you, babe!

I couldn't see Ladies Man throughout the entire concert, but managed one pic with his buddies at the reception. Can you believe it?!

I thought I better take my only chance to record his time on crutches. He is not so willing at home by himself. Lookin' good, bub.

4) I think we've had enough concerts for a while. We are SOOOOOO ready for a break at our house. ALL of us. Every morning it's harder to get the kids up and out the door. I have little motivation to do anything myself (although I did make some cute little gingerbread men yesterday). I guarantee you there will be lots of sleeping in and laying around between Christmas and New Year's. Lots.

5) Ladies Man had an important announcement at dinner this week.

Ladies Man: I think I might have fat ketosis.

Kevin: What?

Me: Oh great. All the fitness articles you have to read to make up P.E. are going to cause all kinds of new issues.

Ladies Man: No, we talked about it in health. The symptoms are stomach ache, back ache and fruity smelling breath. This morning my stomach hurt, then my back hurt and my breath wasn't fruity, but it smelled terrible.

Me: Could it be your back is sore from sleeping on the couch and your stomach hurt cause you didn't eat breakfast?

Ladies Man: No, listen. A person can die from this.

All the while Ladies Man inhaled his chicken.

Kevin: Could you slow down a little?

Ladies Man: Is that a fat joke? This is serious. My life is on the line, people.

Kevin: Okay, what is this fathead syndrome?

Ladies Man: It's not funny, Dad. I could die.

Kevin: I think you need to feast your mind on something different.

Ladies Man: Feast?! Really, Dad? Another fat joke?! Thanks a lot.

Soon Ladies Man's rapid eating caught up with him and he burped.

Drama Queen: Did it smell fruity?

Ladies Man: Yes! See! I'm worried about this.

Every head around the table shook, every eye rolled and he knew the subject was dead, so he switched tactics and teased his father.

Ladies Man (with his most annoying grin): How are you today, Daddy?

Kevin: Well, I was doing pretty good until I found out my son may die soon.

Nice one, honey!

6) Ladies Man got frustrated studying.

Ladies Man: When am I ever going to use this stuff? When will I ever care about what some dead guy did?

Me: If you're ever on Jeopardy, you want to win.

Kevin: Oh, that's a good reason. Who cares about knowing your history?

I thought money motivated teens more than knowledge, but Ladies Man thought Jeopardy a lame way to make a buck. Sigh. Yet another indication I'm getting old.

7) I'm close to wrapping up this Christmas shopping deal. Kevin and I are hoping to get the dirty job done today. Woo hoo! Then it's time for some baking and food planning. You can tell I've spent too much time living in town when I get a little antsy thinking about stores being closed for Christmas. What if I forget something? I feel a few lists coming on!

I hope your Christmas preparations are coming along and you have some time to enjoy your family and relax a little. Have a great weekend friends and check out some other Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


Christine said...

That conversation about the ketosis thing was hysterical! See what too much knowledge will do? Maybe he's right about learning your history...who knows what kind of ailment THAT will spur?

Julie Robison said...

This is so great :)