Monday, December 20, 2010

Trying to Teach the Kids a Lesson

So the kids and I were leaving for church when I noticed Drama Queen's car was a titch close to the neighbor's garage. I thought about trying to shinny my way through, but then remembered.

Me: I'm a bad driver. I better not try it.

Surprisingly, no one said anything (too tired? too early? humoring me? just being nice?) and I grabbed the silence to teach my children a life lesson.

Me: See? This is why it's good to be aware of your weaknesses. If you know who you are you can avoid problems. Since I know I'm a bad driver, I didn't try to scootch through and avoided damaging both vehicles.

Ladies Man (think as dry and monotone as you can): Thank you for the lesson, Mommy.

Me: I do my best to raise you guys to be upstanding citizens.

Ladies Man: My weakness is school. I should just quit.

Ugh. Foiled again.

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Marsha Young said...

Tami -
Cute story. Your son is pretty clever. Oddly, I just did a post on "lumps of coal" lessons for kids.

Your kids are lucky to have you....Marsha