Friday, January 07, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Volume 115)

1) The purging has begun in my house, people. I'm like a woman possessed. Why didn't I watch Hoarders long ago? Just this week I've cleaned out Miss Innocent One's dresser drawers, the messiest cabinet and drawer in our main floor bathroom, and my bedroom closet and dresser drawers (Edie, you would be so proud--I did what you told me I should a year ago, but suddenly my "wardrobe" seems very puny). If all that isn't enough, I also tackled the mother of all horrendous closets, the one that mocked me with every trip past its bulging door, the dreaded second floor hall closet.

I sure hope the Salvation Army will take the thirteen bags and two boxes I'm bringing them today. You think I'm joking. I'm not, not one tiny exaggeration there, folks. And the sad part is I've got more places in my house to purge! Pray my fire stays lit on this until it's done. I want my house in order!

2) So Drummer Boy was here one week and then we haven't seen him again. I know, I know, the boy has a life. Apparently he spent the night at our house last night, but I have yet to see his shining face. I'm pretty sure I'll hear him before I see him. Those of you who have experienced him will know exactly what I'm talking about.

3) Since Ladies Man has recovered from his hamstring injury, he's all over the driving thing again. I don't mind too much because I hate driving myself, but I must admit he makes me nervous. Apparently it shows.

Ladies Man: No offense, Mom, but I'm a better driver when Dad's in the passenger seat.

Me: Sure, no offense (Can't you just see my eyes rolling?). Why is that?

Ladies Man: I guess I'm afraid you're going to yell at me.

Me: I don't yell at you when you're driving.

Ladies Man: Okay, you don't, but you make sounds and wince and I know you think I'm doing a bad job. And Dad's all like, "Well done, son."

Me: Oh brother. He doesn't say that.

Ladies Man: No, but it feels like he's thinking it.

Me (borrowing a phrase from Drama Queen): You don't even know.

Meanwhile Ladies Man's friend sat in the seat behind us, saying nothing, quietly waiting for us to reach his house.

Ladies Man: I'd probably be an expert driver if I could drive by myself. Then there'd be no pressure.

Suddenly The Friend entered the conversation.

The Friend: Uh, when we're old enough to go out by ourselves, I'm doing all the driving. . . no offense.

I knew there was a reason I liked that kid.

4) Drama Queen attended Snowball last Sunday. Every year she looks more grown up. Here's a picture of her and her date. She really is a woman now, huh?

And one with us!

Then her dad tried to have a little fun.

Yeah, she may have called him a creeper, but her smile gives her away.

5) Last night we found ourselves abandoned by all our children except Miss Innocent One and decided to take her out to eat. We went to a local Mexican restaurant Ladies Man hates to go to and we love. Miss Innocent One is always thrilled to go and made me laugh as we walked out to the car after eating.

Miss Innocent One: I never leave this place unsatisfied.

What is she, like 53 years old?

6) We were pretty excited at our house to see the new Lorenz Music catalog come out. Click on this link to see why. Congratulations, honey. I'm proud of you.

7) My husband, Lord bless his soul, wins Man of the Week. He is whisking me away for the night to one of my favorite places. I CAN'T WAIT! It's a welcome to 2011/let's start celebrating the year we reach the quarter century mark together/early birthday present. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Every morning since he told me about it, he whispers in my ear how many more days until departure. I'm like a kid waiting for Santa, I tell you. Man, that guy is good. I have no idea how I hooked this guy, but I'm never letting him go. Love you babe!

I hope you have a stellar weekend like I plan to. Take in more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


Kathleen@so much to say, so little time said...

#3--absolutely hilarious!

#6--congratulations! Listening now as I am a choir director, you know. :)

e-Mom said...

Ok, spill the beans. Where is Kevin taking you??? Did you say you're celebrating 25 years together?

Tami... you two sure look great! Where did you find that guy, anyway? Forget all those early heartbreaks. He's DA MAN!

Your daughter is a doll! Sigh. She's so grown up now.

Tami Boesiger said...

He took me to a place near where we live, the Lied Lodge in Nebraska City, NE. BEAUTIFUL and relaxing and peaceful. Ah . . . so great. We aren't celebrating our 25th yet--that comes in August. January is just a little window we can fit a night away into and the lodge was having a special for $40 off the normal price. He is DA MAN!