Friday, February 04, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Volume 119)

1) I'm guest posting on a friend's blog today. This guy is close in age to Drummer Boy and has been through quite a bit in his short life. In the last year or so God got a hold of his heart and it's a joy to see his passion for Christ. He asked me to share my testimony and didn't even mind that I'm such an old fart compared to him. If you're interested in where I've come from, click over to Derek's blog.

2) I sat down in church last Sunday to find Kevin rummaging through my purse. It took all of two seconds for me to raise my eyebrow at him.

Kevin: I needed some gum.

Me: I don't think that's allowed. Who said you had free reign in my purse?

Kevin: We are as one. Your purse is my purse.

Me: If you're a metrosexual, shouldn't you have your own purse?

3) My-quest-to-never-be-an-episode-of-Hoarders-update:

I sorted through papers on and near my bread box. This doesn't sound like much of a feat, but you need to know I stack papers and mail in these spots for months. MONTHS. The pile of papers on top of my bread box was halfway to the bottom of the cabinet. Plus, it looked unkempt and plain icky. I also cleaned out a few files in my file cabinet. The job of the entire cabinet will be coming soon. I can hardly sort through that puppy.

And I should explain to you why I haven't gotten too much dehoarding done lately. It's not that I've been shirking. I've been busy in our attic, taping, sanding, priming and painting a soon-to-be walk-in closet for Drama Queen. See?

According to my logic, this will improve the efficiency of my organization immensely, so it is actually part of the dehoarding process. My work here is done. Now Kevin and his dad will finish up, doing trim work, inserting cubbies, hanging two sets of racks and attaching some shelving units. She'll be a beauty!

4) Growing up totally blows. Poor Drummer Boy had to spend time last night talking with his parents about W-2s and and taxes and mileage and direct deposit, junk like that. On a positive note, he left with food.

5) For some reason, my husband finds my absentmindedness with house plants quite endearing and loves pointing out my failure in nurturing our little green friends.

Kevin (suppressing the roar within): What's the deal with that plant?

Me (saving face): I think it's defective.

Yep, defective plants exist. I've had a TON of them.

6) On a related note, Ladies Man stood in the kitchen, fingering a decrepit aloe vera plant.

Ladies Man: All our plants are dying, even the fake one in the dining room (referencing the same plant his father did!).

Me: It's not fake!

7) We were out of our normal hair styling product and Kevin went out to buy more. Imagine my horror when I saw what he purchased. AXE pomade. Hello, my darling husband, what did you think I was going to use?

Me: Yeah, thanks a lot for buying the Axe. What about me?

Kevin: Well, I didn't know what you would want.

Me: Now I have man-smelling hair.

He thought I was joking and laughed it off.

Miss Innocent One (sniffing my hair): It's true. It does kind of smell like man. It's like part woman, part man.

Drama Queen: What does that make you, a transsexual? Or a hermaphrodite?

Oh my. All this sexual defining is getting out of hand, don't you think? I think it's time to reprogram my children. Yikes.

Enjoy your weekend and read more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


Kathleen@so much to say said...

I am *very* impressed witht he closet. :)

I can't even address the sex identity issues! LOL

Marsha Young said...

I had a plant that looked that one once - but it had a voodoo hex put on it by a neighbor in a snit.

It had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I never watered it, fed, put it in the sunshine, and in fact had pretty much forgotten its existence, until our dog trid to bury something under it.

Keep up the good work - Marsha