Friday, March 04, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Volume 123)

1) I'm not sure if Kevin was struck with momentary insanity or absolute boredom or was feeling especially benevolent to his 12-year-old daughter, but he agreed to watch High School Musical 2, even though he found High School Musical excruciating to watch. He did pretty good for a while and managed to keep his mouth shut the whole time we were watching, but would periodically turn to me with a look that said, "Just shoot me now."

Miss Innocent One wasn't offended in the least, but would giggle whenever Kevin looked like he was in pain. Apparently Ladies Man shares his father's fondness for these movies.

Ladies Man: WHAT are you watching?

Me: High School Musical 2.

Ladies Man: WHY?!

Me: Nothing on T.V., I guess?

Suddenly the main characters burst into song (right after they've clocked into work and left their workplace area) about how they bring the music into each other's lives and Kevin shot a massive eye roll in our direction, I mean, you could nearly hear it.

Ladies Man (disgusted in his own right, asking Miss Innocent One) : Do you really like this?

I found his utter disdain interesting since he spent the afternoon watching reruns of Glee.

Miss Innocent One (giggling): The movie's okay, but it's more fun watching Dad's reactions.

2) Drama Queen turned 18 last Saturday. 18!!! Graduation is in ten weeks! Psychologists talk about separation anxiety in children. Why is it never mentioned in reference to parents as their kids grow up?! You suppose it would be embarrassing for her if I kicked and screamed through commencement?

3) My quest never to be an episode of Hoarders update:

Though I'm going through my daily motions, I've had influenza fuzz all week, feeling draggy and not able to think straight. So I didn't tackle any major project, but I did clean out my e-mail inbox. Hey, cut me some slack. I got rid of over 100 e-mails. Progress is progress, people.

4) Our kids' high school has been having Spirit Week. Ladies Man missed some of it being home sick with influenza himself, but he wasn't going to miss Superhero day. He decided to make a mask out of duct tape. Get a load of this.

5) Poor Miss Innocent One has been studying reproduction in health class.

Miss Innocent One: Ew. It's just gross. We had to look at GUY parts. I'm okay looking at girl parts, but the other is just sick.

That a way, honey. Keep thinking that way for about twenty years.

6) Oh to be young and carefree again. Look what Drummer Boy posted on Facebook:

Not shaving, wearing glasses, having one class, playing wicked clean beats, eating a chicken taco, chatting with hella cool fellas, drinking mountain dew, being an unstoppable force within Finale. KICK AWESOME DAY.

Hmm, what would a kick awesome day for me be? Slept in, coffee with friends, washing machine worked well, no Walmart trips, leisurely reading, lunch with friends, my brain firing on all cylinders, dinner and movie with the fly hubby, kids home at decent time, house quiet by 10:30.

A girl can dream, right?

7) Ladies Man rarely logs out of Facebook and gets hit every time Drummer Boy catches it. Here's the latest blow in the status war:

Ladies Man is really tired of pooping his pants, but he can't stop!

What I found funny is Ladies Man complained to me about it, but didn't change it! I think he kind of likes this little game!

And with that the games are over for this chicky. Continue the fun by reading more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


Kathleen@so much to say said...

I say this all the time, but I adore your 7 quick takes posts. :)

HS Musical: OW. I tried to watch the first, and I gave up about ten minutes in. It was cringe-worthy. Tried Glee, too. I'd've given it one episode if my husband had been amenable, but it was looking so un-promising, we didn't make it. :)

E-mail inboxes: That is a HUGE accomplishment!

Marsha Young said...

Tami -
Another fun-filled day at your house. :)

Sure, it might not feel like fun to you, but it sure is to those of us who get to read and laugh, without having to deal with any of the stresses.
Hang in there! ...Marsha