Friday, March 18, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Volume 125)

1) Miss Innocent One and I were having a discussion about people living together before they are married. It's become so common these days, I wanted to be sure she understood where we stood on the issue.

Me: You realize that's not God's way to do it, don't you?

Miss Innocent One: Mom, I watch Judge Judy.

Apparently she's caught it when I've pointed out the obvious. "See, see how this doesn't work?!" Who says there are no redeeming qualities in television?

2) My quest-to-never-be-an-episode-of-Hoarders update: This week I cleaned out a cabinet in my master bathroom. Also I was forced to clean out my silverware drawer when Ladies Man caught his pocket on the drawer front and ripped it off. It got sent home with Grandpa for repair, so I had to empty it out first.

My house is getting in order, people. Truly. And I am feeling better. I don't even feel so snarky about the Proverbs 31 lady anymore. Bonus.

3) Superman is still going strong in the 52 weeks of romance. I've gotten e-cards, flowers, poems. For three weeks he gave me a new portion of a song he wrote and in the third week he gave me a CD with him singing it. Yes, there were misty eyes. Yesterday he surprised me with a creamy caramel latte. Ahhh. This guys is fantastic. I LOVE YOU, MY DARLING HUSBAND!

I think he's starting to feel the pressure though because he's run out of traditional romantic gestures, plus he knows I anticipate what each week will bring. Maybe you should pray for him! (Never mind that you're prayers will benefit me. You're praying for HIM.)

4) Last week our high school hosted a winter guard and drumline show. One of our parents shot this stellar video of our kids' performance. Nice work Greg. Thanks! Any time you hear a single snare, it's my Drama Queen who you'll usually find in the middle of the three snare players (she wears a red shirt). Drummer Boy WROTE the music for the show. Am I a proud mama? You better believe it.

You get a good idea at what goes on at these shows from this, but let me tell you, the live performance is so much more exciting.

5) Miss Innocent One is coming into her own. At last week's drumline show, she and a friend took a break for food. When her friend kept dipping a finger in her nacho cheese she became annoyed. This in itself is surprising, for this girl has more patience than anyone I know, but what she did next blew me away.

Miss Innocent: I asked her to quit, but she wouldn't, so finally I just spit in the cheese so she wouldn't use it.

Are you sensing some passive aggressive tendencies?

6) It's time again for our church's annual choral festival. This year's clinician is an accomplished musician and conductor from Fort Worth, Texas who regularly conducts at Carnegie Hall. He has an impressive list of credentials. It should be a great day.

We're totally bummed that the festival falls on the same day as Drumline championships. I'll miss the festival. Kevin will miss championships. He's still sick about it.

7) And hooray for Perfect Baby Angel Child (aka Miss Innocent One) who completely understands the art of sucking up. She made herself some lunch the other day, something she's seen her mother make--lunch meat rolled in up in a lettuce leaf. Her sister made her disdain known immediately.

Drama Queen: What are you eating?

Miss Innocent One: What?

Drama Queen: You're becoming just like Mom.

Miss Innocent One (perfectly on cue): That's not such a bad thing.

YES! She wins the prize for knowing the perfect thing to say to butter up her mother. Really, my other beloved offspring, when will you learn from her?

And that's a wrap for this Friday. Enjoy your weekend and take a gander at some other Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


Kathleen@so much to say said...

Love the nacho cheese incident...LOL! And my toddler & I are watching the drum show as we speak. So does this hting go year round? And is it separate from the band? BTW--music is great! :)

Annette said...

I am actually surprised that Miss Innocent One spit in her friend's nacho cheese. That's actually something I would expect Drama Queen to do. Ha,ha,ha.

Tami Boesiger said...

Kathleen--Drumline is separate from the band. This is a winter drumline whose competition season runs from January through March. My kids have LOVED being involved with it. Our oldest who is in college still competes in an independent group. His group travels to World Championships in Dayton, Ohio in April.

Annie (sorry I just can't get used to calling you Annette!)--It is totally a Drama Queen move. Kevin says Miss Innocent One is getting more like her sister as she approaches those teen years. You may need to start praying for us! Love you guys!