Friday, April 08, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Volume 128)

1) Drama Queen blew into the house with a few friends, grabbed some clothes, stopped to snarf down a cookie, all the while dominating the conversation (even on different floors of the house!), saying something about taking her father down. (Can you hear the rest of us rolling our eyes?) Finally she exited in the same whirlwind she entered.

Miss Innocent One sat in the kitchen, saying nothing, witnessing the whole scene. As soon as the door shut behind her sister, she looked at me with an important observation.

Miss Innocent One: She's all bark and no bite.

2) In my quest to never be an episode of Hoarders, I did squat. Poop. (Wait a minute. It just occurred to me that using the words squat and poop so close together may be giving you the wrong impression. What I should have said is "I did nothing. Darn.")

3) I got my new washer and it's a beauty. I never realized how much time I spent doing laundry or thinking about doing laundry until my more efficient machine made it less necessary. I'll be going about my business at home when I think, I better do some laundry and then I remember I'm all caught up! SWEET! You wouldn't believe the amount of clothes I can cram into that thing, at least double the amount I could put in my other one. I would feel completely enraptured by this contraption if it weren't for one thing--it's price tag! BLEH.

4) Ladies Man: Dad, did you know that every time you fart, you lose a minute of your life.

Kevin: Then Miss Innocent One is going to die young!

5) It's been nearly two weeks since we've seen Drummer Boy and this Mama Bear is missing her eldest cub. Psht. And poop. And bleh.

He travels with his drumline, DOJO, to Dayton, Ohio next weekend for the world championships. Maybe after their season is over, they'll have a clip I can share on here. It's pretty impressive. We're proud of you Drummer Boy. And we miss you. And love you.

6) Drama Queen nearly pulled her first all nighter working on a Calculus project Wednesday night. She tells me she got to bed at 4:15 a.m.! The next day she took some sort of caffeine pill from a friend which made her hyper all day. By dinner time she was a little slap happy and could hardly eat she was laughing so hard at everything her dad and brother said.

Miss Innocent One could hardly eat either after getting an expander in preparation for braces. The appliance in the roof of her mouth made it hard to chew AND swallow. I have a feeling she'll be eating lots of pudding and jello in the next few days. And don't even get me started on the lisp it created in her speech. She'll get used to it eventually, but don't ask her to say "Sufferin' succotash" any time soon.

But don't worry about the lack of food entering my daughters, Ladies Man ate enough for them both. I swear that kid grows an inch a week. It won't be long before he surpasses his dad in height and weight. I think he's liking the intimidation he can provide with his size along with his voice which is finally changing. What kills me is though he's looking older, he still acts like a kid, well, maybe like a kid on steroids. Come to think of it, he's had plenty of steroids in his lifetime from asthma problems. Have they created some sort of mutant giant? Nah. He's too much of a softy to be scary.

7) We actually have an entire weekend with nothing on our calendar--no school activities, no weddings, no church events, no nothin'. Glory be! We hardly know what to do with ourselves. Superman and I WILL be going on a date Friday night. Oh, yes we will (You got that, right honey?). And I suppose we'll spend the rest of the weekend working on the house, getting things up to snuff for graduation. Sigh. Sniff. And poop.

Do you realize this means I may not even take a shower on Saturday? I mean what is the point if we'll be at home all day working? Is there something wrong with me if that sounds appealing? Don't think about it too hard and for sure don't stop by on Saturday and smell me. Ew.

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Have a great weekend, friends.


Jaime Kubik said...

Kind of a spunky/sassy Quick Takes! Either Drama Queen is rubbing off on you or there's more of you in Drama Queen than you want to admit! Loved it!

cin said...

This has me giggling still!
and a love affair with a washing machine!
I totally get it.
And am a little afraid of teenage years.

Hugs to the plains from AL!

Kassie @ Secret Vatican Spy said...

Congratulations to Drama Queen on dipping her toes in the chaotic waters of the Almighty All Nighters. I'm notoriously slaphappy after furious bouts of project-finishing-and-paper-writing.

Marsha Young said...

Always a LOT going on at your place! :)

We are also trying to de-hoard as we prepare to sell (Lord willing) and move later this year. Yikes! We have been in this house 20 years next week and you do NOT want to pack what I am looking at.

blessings - marsha