Thursday, April 07, 2011

A Public Service Announcement for Mothers and Teenagers

For Mothers--Signs Your Teenagers Are Annoyed With You

They don't text you back.

They meet your attempt at humor with "RUDE!"

You get the dreaded eye roll.

They refer to you as MOTHER!

The answer to your question is "PSSHT."

There IS no answer to your question.

Did I mention the eye roll?

You hear a lot of "Whatever."

They stand still to listen to you, but their eyes glare in another direction.

For Teenagers--Signs Your Mother is Annoyed With You

You find a pile of your stuff in the doorway of your bedroom.

She doesn't text you back.

She clenches her teeth and her jaw muscles tense.

The answer to your question is "I don't know."

The answer to your question is "NO!"

She turns her back and talks to herself.

She sighs loudly as she rips the check out of her checkbook.

She starts every statement with "Why am I the only one who can . . . ?"

You get the dreaded eye roll.

For Mothers AND Teenagers--There WILL be tension among you. There may be days you want to rip each other's heads off. Don't let hormones (from either one of you) cloud what is true. You don't always get each other, but you love each other. Deeply. You will always be connected with a special bond. Don't let momentary conflict make you forget that.

Mothers, your teenagers want to learn to get along without you. In a few short years they will be required to navigate without your daily input. Their attempts to do things their own way are the natural progression of growing up. They may not say it often, but they love you. They value your opinion. Give them boundaries, but give them some freedom too. Be there without judgment when things don't go as they planned.

Teenagers, your mother would give her life for you. You are her baby, her precious, precious child. She pushes because she wants the very best for you. She wants to protect you from everything, but knows she can't. She loves you so much her heart aches sometimes. She may be a pain in the wazoo, but she will always be in your corner. Always.

You are God's gift to each other. Never ever forget it.


Lisa Maria said...

Tami.. what a beautiful post!

As the mother of four girls, three of whom are teens (the eldest turns 20 this month) this was great encouragement. I know all about those hormones!

Thank you!

Love & Blessings

Marsha Young said...

Tami - What a fun, but useful, post on mother/teen relations.

My daughter and I were just discussing her daughter's room condition the other evening, and remembering when many of the same issues were between us. Now she is on the "other side" and it is hard to believe that many years have gone by.

Very good post! ...Marsha