Friday, April 22, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Volume 130)

1) Here's one for the bizarre injury file. Last weekend while running around in the dark, Miss Innocent One collided with a tomato cage whose bottom spike punctured her leg and went in about 3-4 inches! It went into the side of her thigh and she said she felt a bump on the back of her leg where the end of the spike was, but didn't break through the skin. EW!! Aren't you cringing?! She was given a tetanus shot and put on a pretty strong antibiotic, with strict orders to not to run or jump for three days. It's doing much better now, but get a load of the hole the sucker left.

The poor girl's had a rough go of it lately. The long abrasion to the left of the hole is from wiping out on a treadmill a few weeks ago. Time to get out the bubble wrap.

2) The reality of graduation approaching in three weeks has me somewhat in a tizzy, both from what needs to be done and the sadness of another child leaving our home. How did we get from here

to here so soon?

You are a beautiful, amazing woman Drama Queen. We are so proud of you. LOVE YOU!

3) Does anybody have any idea how you throw away a trash can? We have a decrepit metal trash can whose bottom has rusted out so it's obviously no good. I stuck it inside our other trash cans to be taken out with the rest of our refuse, but our garbage men left it sitting with the other cans! What is a person to do?

This is totally annoying my new anti-Hoarder tendencies. Grrrr. I let it go, for a time, and used the energy to clean out a cabinet and shelf in our old office, but every time I pass the garage and see that stupid can sitting there I want to growl. Maybe I should let Ladies Man take a sledge hammer or crow bar to it until it's unrecognizable. Then they'd take it, right?

4) Well, Drummer Boy went and did it. He dyed his beard purple for the WGI World Championships. What do you think?

Funky, huh? No worries though. He wasn't destined to look like this for long. It washed out easily the next day, praise the Lord, since we have family pictures on Saturday.

5) Ladies Man has embarked upon a self-imposed eating change I call the Serving Size Diet. He pays close attention to the serving size of anything he puts into his mouth for snacks. Apparently meals are not subject to the serving size rule, but I've seen him check out the nutrition facts on all kinds of things--cookies, crackers, cereal. It's not that he's eating better, just eating more reasonable portions of what he's eating. He says he can tell a difference in the way he feels, but I'm skeptical. I mean, eating three Oreos EVERY DAY can't be good for a person, right? Whatever. I'm just happy to see him reading food labels and having any sort of inclination to be careful about what he eats.

6) Ladies Man made another bold move last weekend and had his signature locks buzzed off. He was completely egged on by Drama Queen who went along to take pictures. Here's his mop head before they left.

And the end product.

It makes him look older, don't you think? People in church were confusing him with Drummer Boy!

Often when kids push the envelope, they get tattoos or piercings. Apparently my boys mess with their hair! They're such rebels!

7) We are anxious to celebrate Easter this weekend and spend some LONG OVERDUE time with relatives. I can't wait to see my extended family. We live fairly close together yet I think it's been months since we've sat in the same room. I'm SO looking forward to it.

When I think about the implications of Easter, I wish my brain weren't so human so I could fully grasp what Jesus accomplished. I am grateful for the burden of the law He took away from us, for His compassionate, personal way with me, for the hope He gives. He provided relationship with the living God! And I am changed. Thank You Jesus! May we live to honor You.

Enjoy your Easter weekend, friends, remembering what His great love has rescued you from.


D.J. Hughes said...

Wow, your daughter is graduating! She's beautiful, Tami.

Blessings to you and your family as you celebrate His resurrection this weekend.

Lisa Maria said...

I know just how you feel Tami.. my eighteen year old is graduating soon too. Her sister is completing her second year in college and it breaks my heart to think of letting another one go. She wants to go to New York, the eldest is in Florida... I live in the Caribbean.. :(

Your sons are both handsome and you are lucky they mess with their hair alone.. my 20 year old used to be like that.. she's dyed her hair multiple times and I could live with that but in the last few months she's gotten a tattoo and pierced her lip. I hope she's worked it out of her system now! (Methinks the lip thing is going to be short-lived.. I hope!)

Have a wonderful Easter with your family.

Marsha Young said...

How indeed do we seem to go from wet-wipes to S.A.T.s almost overnight.

Precocious kids, I guess. :) congratulations on your lovely daughter's graduation.

Happy Easter - Marsha