Thursday, April 21, 2011

Giving Myself Too Much Power

I was whining.

Yeah, I know. I'll roll my eyes for you.

We were chit-chatting before Bible study about our kids, or rather I was complaining about the way my teenagers blame me if something doesn't turn out to their favor.

"Drama Queen convinced Ladies Man to buzz his hair. Since it looked good, she wanted credit for the 'genius' idea. If it would have looked bad, it would have been MY fault for letting him do it."

The sweet ladies in the room humored me as I recounted other occurrences of undue injustice.

"Everything is my fault," I droned.

A dear woman who walked in during my diatribe, listened for a while, laughed at my melodrama and said, "She's gives herself a lot of power, doesn't she?"

Ouch. Touche´.

And so true.

Why do I think everything rests in MY hands? Accepting that everything is somehow dependent on me is a little arrogant, no? Who do I think I am?!

Yikes. I've been giving myself far too much credit . . . FOR THE BAD and it's just as self-centered as taking credit for the good.

Do you get tripped up this way too? (PLEASE say yes!) How have you fallen victim to this trap?

While you think about that (and prepare to leave me an encouraging comment--hint, hint), I must say a few words to my lovely Bible study friend--Thank you for speaking truth, for reminding me I am NOT all that, for setting my head on straight. I will not soon forget your gentle admonition. You exhorted and encouraged in one wise, well placed comment. Thank you!

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Marsha Young said...

Oh, my, Tami. I think I am "busted" right along with you. Thinking it is my job to fix this, and set that straight, and be a role model for the other one.

Yeesh! Your friend is a jewel, and so are you. We just cannot help it if we wince beneath the Master's polishing lathe from time to time. Be well ...Marsha

Karla Cutts said...

Tami- my toes hurt (in a good growth kind of way) Thank you! I am there with you... Taking credit or blame on myself when I should be looking elsewhere, I spiral down into a funk when it's all on my shoulders and it gets too heavy to carry. Thanks again for the reminder that it's not all about me! -Karla

Anita Harris said...

This little nugget came at the end of a very long day, and not a minute too soon, I spent the day as usual thinking I had to get it ALL done or everyone would suffer. Throw in two feuding teenagers, drama, errands, and fatigue and aarrrrgghhh! I never once considered that it is God who holds all things together, not me. I was too busy for that. To busy holding things together in my own strength. "Forgive me dear Father and help me to learn that I have no strenghth in and of myself."
Thanks for this post. Blessings!