Friday, May 06, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Volume 132)

1) I spent some time last weekend cleaning out my pathetic strawberry patch and huge litter box sandbox. Can I count that for something in my quest never to be an episode of Hoarders? Has there ever been a person hoarding leaves and weeds? I'm totally thinking it could happen. I've seen all sorts of weird things on that show, like the kid who didn't vacuum up the dog hair on his steps left by a dog who had been dead for who knows how long, because he felt like it dishonored his memory. Ew. I have a hard time looking at the hair I shed off my own head in my bathroom. I can't imagine living with five year old dog hair. Yuck.

2) Happy birthday to Drummer Boy who turned twenty-one yesterday. TWENTY-ONE! Some of my friends suggested to him on Facebook I should change his name to Drummer Man, but it just doesn't sit right with me. Isn't it a mom's prerogative, no, God-given right, to think of her son as her "boy" for his whole life? Sorry bud, the name sticks. Now if only I could get this mother of an adult child thing figured out soon. Alas. I'm not so good at it. Hopefully in time. Thanks for your patience with me Drummer Boy. Know I am proud of you and love you so much.

3) Every year our church youth group does an event called Persecuted Church. I'm not exactly sure what happens, but I know the whole lot of kids goes to a park after dark and the middle school kids try to avoid capture by the high school kids and sponsors. My kids always look forward to it. My "pursuers" really got into it as evidenced by these pictures. Here's Ladies Man, Drama Queen and a friend before they walked out the door.

Drummer Boy came down from Lincoln to help too. Scary, huh?

I wouldn't want to meet that in a dark alley! I almost felt sorry for Miss Innocent One and her little friends who were trying to avoid this! Apparently it was tons of fun and no one was traumatized.

4) We are super proud of Drama Queen who was honored at the school's scholastic banquet with the David Fry Award for best overall student of the school. Considering there are something like 160 kids, 160 really great kids in her class, this is a pretty special honor.

We've been giving her a bad time about the plaque she was given which states it is an award for "Scholarship, Activities, Affability and Cheerfulness." Even Miss Innocent One said she must use all her cheerfulness up at school. All kidding aside, I know the girl has it in her and works very hard to be the best she can. Your efforts show and speak for themselves, my darling daughter, and not to just your mother. Congratulations babe. I am proud of you.

5) Miss Innocent One had her own time on stage this week. Here she is at her band concert. She's the sax player to the right of center in the picture, wearing a black sweater and black and white skirt. My baby is looking grown up.

Why don't I look at my own aging that way, that I'm growing up? That sounds way better than gettin' old. From now on I'm growing up, not getting old.

6) It's been concert central at our house. We had band concerts Monday and Tuesday nights, a choir concert tonight and a show choir concert next Tuesday. Tuesday's concert will be especially fun because Drama Queen is singing a solo accompanied by her dad on piano and Ladies Man on guitar. It's been fun listening to them practice.

When Drummer Boy sang his senior solo at his final show choir concert I had the hardest time holding it together. It didn't help that he sang Michael Buble's "Home." What was he thinking singing lyrics like, "I wanna go home," to an audience of mothers sad about their children moving on? What's an already weepy mother supposed to do?! Drama Queen is taking it easier on me singing Kris Allen's "Live You're Dying." I'm not kidding myself though. I'm sure the waterworks will still kick in.

Stupid kids. They worm their way into your heart and then leave. How dare they!

7) Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful mother and mother-in-law! I have been blessed beyond measure to have these women in my life. They have made my days easier in so many ways, but especially by stepping into my role when I am sick or need a break. When I grow up (yep, I'm gonna use it already), I want to be just like them. Thank you! I treasure you!

That's all I got today folks. Enjoy your weekend and take in more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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Lisa Maria said...

Congrats to your daughters and Happy Birthday to your son. I know what you feel like.. my daughter turned 20 this week and I'm still trying to figure out my new role as mama of a young woman (2 actually, I also have an 18 year old and at 18 they are adults in my country and can drink alcohol etc)

I love that... I'm growing up.. its true though.. we're still growing spiritually and God isn't finished with us yet!

Have a wonderful and blessed Mother's Day with your beautiful family!

Love & Blessings