Friday, May 27, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Volume 135)

1) It's been an odd week as Kevin and Drama Queen have been gone on a choir trip to Chicago. Drummer Boy was in Lincoln part of the week too and cooking for only three people seemed strange. It's amazing how removing even one person from a house can alter the dynamics. Having only half our family at home was down right bizarre, especially since my favorite was gone (sorry kids, your dad will always be my favorite). They'll be back early this morning and I'd say everything will be back to normal now, but I resigned myself to the fact long, long ago, that our house is anything but normal.

2) Ladies Man was talking about how life at school may be different next year not having Drama Queen there.

Ladies Man: Band might be weird.

Me: It may be strange having someone else barking orders at the drummers?

Ladies Man: Yeah, but it might be easier on some kids.

Me: What do you mean?

Ladies Man: Well, I'd be scared of her if I wasn't related to her!

3) I'm back to my anti-hoarding campaign. I've cleaned out a cabinet and a bench in my kitchen. On the down side, my beautiful mother-of-all-closets is becoming a dumping grounds again. Time to bag up and get rid of the clothes the kids have stashed to get out of their rooms.

If I didn't have kids, would my house be spotless?

If I didn't have kids, would I have any fun at all?

If I didn't have kids, what would I ever write about in the 7 Quick Takes?

4) Miss Innocent One was in a particularly good mood.

Me: You're having a good week, aren't you?

Miss Innocent One: Hello?! It's summer! It's like a miracle for a kid.

Me: When's the miracle for the parents?

Miss Innocent One: When the kids go back to school.

Does this kid have a finger on my pulse or what?

5) Ladies Man was in the driver's seat as we pulled up to the drive-thru window. I'd ordered a twist cone and as the girl handed him a chocolate cone, he called attention to it, then waited for the right thing. Pulling away to go home, I expressed my gratitude.

Me: Hey, thanks for being a man and setting them straight.

Ladies Man (sitting up straighter): Eh, that's what I be.

Oh brother. Why do I feed into it?

6) Miss Innocent One had her first softball game last night. This girl is taking on a new challenge, having never played the sport before. Here's her first time at bat. Way to go babe!

7) And speaking of new challenges, I'm running my first race tomorrow. For the girl who always came in last place in P.E. and fouled out nearly every basketball game being a step behind where she thought she was, this is a monumental event. I'm determined to run the entire 5K, although at the pace I "run," I'm almost embarrassed to call it running. I hope I'm not dead last, but if I am I am. I guess somebody has to be last, huh? Why not me? After all, I'm used to it! I keep telling myself it is an accomplishment to even do it. Let's hope I still think that when I'm ten minutes behind everyone else.

And we're off for another week folks. Have a great weekend and read more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


vwwannab said...

Way to go, Tami! What 5K are you doing?

Tami Boesiger said...

Doing the Odell Fun Run. We'll see how much "fun" I think it is!

D.J. Hughes said...

Did they go to a Heritage Festival choir competition?

Jeff and I were chaperones for Simone's high school choir for their trip to San Francisco in March. It was a great trip. Tiring, but great.

As always, love your quick takes.

Let us know how the race goes. I admire your willingness. I'm not sure that's something I could ever do. At least, I can't picture myself running a race, in any case. :) Good luck.

Tami Boesiger said...

D.J.--Believe me, girl, I never pictured myself running in a race either. NEVER! I am NOT a runner! A person cannot predict what God may ask them to do.

Our choir kids were not in a Heritage Choir Festival, but had a great trip. Our daughter got hauled up on stage during a Blue Man Group performance!