Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Gift I Take For Granted

It happens to me every year at this time. School lets out and suddenly my world turns upside down. My kids have their own ideas about how to spend their time and I find myself playing chauffeur and chef more. I get annoyed with the lack of quiet and find every moment filled with people, even the evenings as my older kids' friends come over to hang out until who knows when.

Never mind that their mother can be a little high-strung, my kids can drive me crazy. I have to bite my tongue and sacrifice time and take a lot of deep breaths. I know in another week I'll get the summer schedule worked out, but this week, boy, am I a frustrated woman!

Maybe that's why God felt it necessary to remind me of this as I read my morning devotions:

Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.

Psalm 127:3

Oh yeah. Why do the stresses of life make me forget that? Why can't I remember in my moments of frustration, the tears I shed during graduation or the sadness I felt seeing Miss Innocent One buck up after her gerbil died? Why does a day run amok erase the joy I feel watching them banter back and forth or seeing this picture?

My kids are a gift and reward, indeed. Lord, forgive me for thinking otherwise.


Rebecca said...

It's unfortunate, but true that we often take for granted the blessings that are closest to us each and every day until God provides us a reminder.

D.J. Hughes said...

They are a gift indeed!

We have 8 more days of school left, so we're still in the throes of end-of-year concerts and activities.

I always look forward to summer vacation and having the kids home all day. But by the end of summer, I find that I always look forward to school starting again. Funny, aint' it?