Friday, July 29, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Volume 144)

1) Drama Queen and Ladies Man have been gone all week on a youth group missions trip. It has been very, very quiet at our house. Which is just not right. Boo. Here's a pic of the group that went to Cary, Mississippi.

2) The morning they left should have given me my noise fill for the week. Apparently they were excited to go as Kevin woke up to the two of them screaming Lady Gaga at the top of their lungs. Imagine "Rah rah ah ah ah" at 7:AM.

After they got that out of their system, Drama Queen kept hollering, "Miss Innocent One, I need you. I need you." Drama Queen put her in charge of spinning clicking the tunes to shave her legs by.

Now get a load of their faces here. This is what we get from Drama Queen at home.

And this is what everybody else gets. See any disparity of mood? Mmm hmm.

3) Miss Innocent One went with a friend all day on Monday, leaving Kevin and I to eat dinner at home by ourselves. It's very strange to prepare for only two when you're used to filling a table. He sat in the kitchen and talked to me while I cooked. The conversation continued uninterrupted as we sat down at the table. It was so weird. But not bad, just different.

The next night Miss Innocent One spent the night at her grandparents' house and we had the whole house to ourselves. And what did we do? Stayed up late talking!

Somehow I think the empty nest stage is not going to be hard for us.

4) Just so Miss Innocent One wouldn't go out of her mind with her boring parents, we picked up my niece, Sweet Cheeks, to stay with us for a few days. These two are so easy to hang out with. They had nothing but smiles as we mini-golfed on a hot, humid afternoon.

5) As I explained a couple weeks ago, when I don't physically SEE my children, I am forced to Facebook stalk them. Here's Drummer Boy's latest status:

"Had both of my meals paid for today. Woopity woo.

Obviously he's a poor college student who can appreciate the smallest things in life. Hey, a tactic I haven't been using properly--food bribes.

Okay, Drummer Boy, if you come home, I promise to feed you! Sadly, now that he's living with Grandma that's probably not so tempting. She stocks way better stuff than me. Boo.

6) My husband's incessant teasing about my lack of green thumbs continues. He keeps telling me I need to post pictures of my stellar garden. In the spirit of dispelling any high regard you may have for me, I decided to oblige. In order to demean myself further, I'll tell you these were planted in early May.

A close up of my pepper plant is a must. I can't take all the fault for this one. Obviously something's been eating on it.

I wasn't always such a pathetic gardener. Look at this picture Miss Innocent One found, taken eight years ago. See the lush foliage behind the kids planted in the very same spot as this year's garden?!

I really should blame my declining skill on Kevin. He gets such delight in mocking me about it, I feel it's my duty to entertain him. Once when he was taunting me I told him, "I can't be good at everything," which started the roaring all over again. Should I take that as a slam?

7) Where, o where, has July gone? Now that the kids will be back I HAVE to think about getting them ready for school. And moving Drama Queen. Sniff. And boo. And bleh.

So goes another week at the Boesiger house. Find more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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