Thursday, July 07, 2011

A Sweet Moment or What a Mother Hopes for Her Kids

Drama Queen's been working hard all summer to get in the best shape possible for drum line camp at the University of Nebraska. Competition is steep and she's felt the pressure, but true to who she is, her determination motivates her to put in the practice time, hours upon hours every week. At home in her room at all hours of the day, in the driveway in her swimsuit in the heat of the afternoon, at friends' houses, anywhere, any time. Her practice pad and sticks are like car keys to the rest of us. They go everywhere with her.

So when the doctor used the definitive word "fracture" and punctuated it with "slow healing bone," Drama Queen couldn't hold back the tears. This year's season is probably out for her. Her hard work culminated not in a pride of all Nebraska band uniform, but a Husker red cast.

Soon she texted her brother, Drummer Boy, who as a snare drummer on the University line had an interest in her outcome. He's been her role model, her instructor, her cheerleader, her supporter. He's the one dragging her to drum line mini-camps and encouraging her to try out for things. The common interest of drumming brought them closer through the years. Though Drama Queen's father and I don't consistently get the obsession, Drummer Boy always relates to her.

Because of that, it seemed fitting to meet him for some food after we left the doctor's office. Drama Queen wasn't hungry and would have loved to crawl into bed with the covers over her head, but it had been a while since we talked with her brother and we both missed him. Honestly I hoped he might cheer her up a little, but I didn't imagine he would touch me so.

Without any greeting, Drummer Boy walked into the restaurant, made a beeline for his sister, grabbed her into a big hug and just held her there a while. She sank into his chest and did her best to hold back the tears.

And so did I.

It reminded me of this picture taken over a year ago after a disappointing finish at drum line championships.

It's the kind of scene a mother doubts will ever occur as she listens to her kids fight over toys and who ate the last popsicle and taking too much time in the bathroom and making somebody late for school. I suppose years of bickering and learning how to live together made it that much sweeter. One hug told the real story. My kids love each other.

I'm sorry for the bad news that preceded it, but will forever treasure the memory of that moment. Our kids will be there for one another, even when we cannot. They're bound together apart from our influence.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

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debi9kids said...

I'm so sorry your daughter won't be able to play this season but so glad you shared this story... it gives me hope for my teenage kids. LOL (I KNOW they love one another, just waiting for them to show it...)

Misty said...

wow.. this is such an encouraging post. With 5 young children and long summer days I often wonder if my children will ever find value in one another.. then in the quiet times of the day when they think no one is watching I see their love for one another. I am so encouraged by this post, hopefully one day I will have a few snap shots like yours!


Joshlin said...

I have tears in my eyes! What a great moment in such a hard time. I am sorry she has to go through this tough time, but there is always a reason and she is young. She will grow stonger now! Have a blessed day!

Trish @ In So Many Words said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. How sad for your daughter to have this happen to her, but rejoicing with you at how your kids lean on each other. So sweet!

becky aka theRAV said...

What a lovely post! Thanks for stopping by & commenting on mine last week. So glad I stopped by & read this today. Love your "names" for your kids. My son would be "Drama Boy"! LOL