Friday, July 08, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Volume 141)

1) We've been helping Kevin's parents move into town which accounts for the missing posts this week. Already I can tell our family will enjoy having them here. I've told you how Miss Innocent One is often left home with her boring parents while her siblings are off doing their thing, but now her eyes glimmer as she thinks about riding her bike to G-ma and G-pa's house.

Why are they more exciting than us? They have thirty years on us, for crying out loud. Arg.

2) As I munched on a piece of chocolate, flakes of it fell on my shorts and when I tried to brush them off they smeared and I growled.

Kevin: What is your problem?

Me: This chocolate, like, melted on contact.

Kevin: It's cause you're so hot.

Me: Ooh. Good answer.

Miss Innocent One sat across the room, shaking her head.

Kevin: What?

Miss Innocent One: I'll just pretend I didn't hear that and by the way, Dad, pretty cheesy.

3) Drummer Boy was provided a rental car while his was in the shop. He's used to driving a car like this:

But got behind the wheel of this for a few days:

How will he ever go back?

4) Our family watches Judge Judy while eating lunch. I know. I know. It's a bad habit, but can I redeem myself by saying we always eat supper at the dinner table? Besides, I've written before about the life lessons we learn from Judge Judy. This day she spurred an unusual discussion.

Drama Queen: Judge Judy looks like a grasshopper.

Me: What? Where do you get that from?

Drama Queen: Just look at her. Everybody looks like an animal. Miss Innocent One looks like a gopher or an antelope.

Me: Those are not even close to each other.

Drama Queen: It depends on the angle you look at her.

Me: What about me?

Drama Queen: Hmmm. I'd say a cockatoo. (I knew my hair was pretty wild, but apparently I had no idea!)

Miss Innocent One: What about Dad?

Drama Queen: He's either a walrus (on account of the moustache?) or a bear (because of his little ears?) and obviously Ladies Man is a sasquatch.

Miss Innocent One: What about Drummer Boy?

Drama Queen: I'd say he's a manatee.

Me: How are you coming up with this?

Drama Queen: It's just how it is. My friend looks like a baby duck.

Oh my. I don't get it and I'm not straining my brain too hard to figure it out. Only at our house can you go from Judge Judy to animal doppelgangers.

5) Before making my Walmart run, I asked the kids if they needed anything.

Miss Innocent One: Can you get Bagel Bites?

Me: Honey, Bagel Bites are not food.

Of course she protested, but I held firm. (I refused to buy Bagel Bites but picked up a couple frozen pizzas. Does anyone see some screwy thinking in that? Can I claim that childbirth, as well as the stress from said children, has depleted my brain cells? Yes, let's go with that.)

Anyway, a few days later, Miss Innocent One was flipping through a Cooking Light magazine and found this:

Miss Innocent One: See Mom? Wholesome! You can feel good about what's inside! See? And it's in a Cooking Light magazine, Mom. Now can I get some?

Great. Another child who's exposed her mother's idiocy. I'm in deep trouble now folks.

6) Ladies Man has been gone all week traveling with a Christian singing and drama group. He left on Tuesday morning and was so hyped up to go that listening to his antics the entire ride to Lincoln nearly did his sleep-deprived mother in. Too few hours of sleep and a hyper adolescent do not a pleasant trip make and I wasn't prepared for his question.

Ladies Man: Will you guys miss me?

I looked at Kevin with raised eyebrows and whispered.

Me: This is probably not a good time to ask that question.

Of course it was a moment of temporary insanity and I soon missed his silliness. Apparently I wasn't the only one. By Tuesday afternoon Drama Queen wandered around the house yelling.

Drama Queen: I miss Ladies Man!

Ah. Another ray of hope!

7) I totally wimped out of a 5K I was supposed to run tonight. My running buddy and I are blaming it on the humidity and weird race time and the fact that we're only setting ourselves up for disappointment by running alongside real runners. I've been working hard to stop my wandering eyes and am certain attempting another 5K will certainly bring out the worst in me.

There. Is that enough excuses for you? Are you buying any of them?

That's okay. I know I'm a wuss. Label me a failure if you must. I can take it.

Have a great weekend, friends. Enjoy more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


Kathleen@so much to say said...

My s-i-l walked intot he house this weekend adn my jaw dropped, she looked so good. 6 months ago, she was hanging on to baby weight, and now she's slim and gorgeous. She said: Weight Watchers and running. I have got to push myself harder on the running, since I can't diet (you know, pregnancy), but it's so hard right now, with the humidity at 90%. BLech. I want to move north.

Tami Boesiger said...


Are you sure a new running regimen would be good for baby? Maybe if you've been doing it already, but to just start . . . I'd check with my doctor first. Maybe FAST walking would be better for now.

Shanda said...

Cute! My kids also get 'grossed out' when my husband and I make any kind of refference to hotness!