Friday, August 05, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Volume 145)

1) Miss Innocent One and I drove out to church and spotted a runner along the way.

Me: Hey, I ran out to the church this morning too. Do you think she lives as far away as we do?

Miss Innocent One: You ran all the way out to church and back?

Me: Well, I putzed out and walked the last mile. It isn't as far as you think.

We neared the runner and I got a better glimpse.

Me: Oh, she looks like a hard core runner. She probably ran WAY farther than me.

Miss Innocent One: Mom, you don't even know her and you think she's better than you. Geez. Give it a rest.

What is wrong with me when even my twelve-year-old has better sense than me?

2) I thought I made a gorgeous meal and felt disappointed it wasn't gobbled up.

Me: I can't believe no one ate these beautiful potatoes. They were really good.

Kevin: I ate them. I'm somebody.

Me: Yes, you are. You're all my body-s.

Yeah, I know that isn't a word, but somewhere in my foggy brain I wanted to prove I could spread the cheese with the best of them. (Is it possible the stress of motherhood has depleted my brain cells? Yes, let's blame it on the kids.)

3) Drama Queen got her cast off this week. Get a load of this grimy hand. Ick.

Don't get too excited, though. We found out last night it isn't completely healed which means the verdict is final. Since she can't drum until it's completely healed, drum line is out this fall for sure. She decided she wasn't going to drum line camp even if it was healed, being be so out of shape and not knowing the exercises she was supposed to learn over the summer, so she wasn't upset. I've been very proud of her attitude. She's enduring it and moving on. Now we wait to hear if she'll have to go back into a cast or wear a brace and for how long.

The upside is since she won't go to drum line camp, we get to keep her home for a week longer. I'm not sure if she agrees that's a positive or not, but I don't think she minds too much.

4) More proof I'm losing brain cells:

Me: Ugh. I caught sight of myself in the Walmart doors and thought, "Fatty, fatty 2 by 4."

Kevin: You are NOT allowed to say that.

Me: Who even invented that phrase? A 2 by 4? It's like two inches wide. Must have been a skinny person.

Kevin (motioning with his arms): It's not a 2 by 4, it's twice as wide as you are tall. "Fatty, fatty 2 by 4 can't get through the kitchen door."

Me: Well, you probably figured that out because you weren't traumatized by being called that as a child.

Kevin: Where you called that?

Me: Not to my face, but I bet there were murmurings.

I had to save face somehow. Do you see why my poor husband constantly shakes his head?

5) Ladies Man spent the week at high school band camp. These kids were working every day from 8:00-4:30. Monday and Tuesday the heat index reached 115˚! Each afternoon when I went to pick him up, tons of kids walked out to the parking lot looking fried and exhausted. Here's just a picture of his feet. His face and arms were even darker.

6) My mom is on vacation with my sister and her family this week. I wonder how she fared with the zip line course and white water rafting that was planned. I hope there are pictures!

With Mom gone, Drummer Boy was left to fend for himself again. What do you bet he ate the most of? Taco Bell or Subway? I hope he ate! He's been a busy guy running between his instructing gigs at Lincoln Northeast High School and Norris High School. Next week he'll be at Norris a few days and then on to UNL drum line camp (minus his sister--boo). Summer's over for this guy.

7) We've got a Big Hairy Deal coming up next week. I'm not revealing what it is until Tuesday, so I guess you'll have to check back then. Suffice it to say, I am super excited, blessed and humbled by it. God is so good.

Until then, occupy yourself by reading more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary. Have a great weekend, friends!

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Patti Hanan said...

I love your sense of humor, Tami. Thank you for making me smile :)