Thursday, August 04, 2011

Thankful for Texting

"No texting at the table!"

It's a common phrase at our house. Anybody with teenagers knows exactly what I'm talking about.

Drama Queen is super fast on the draw. Even the nurse sawing off her cast remarked on her skill as she texted two friends with one hand! According to his sister, Drummer Boy is the king of the abc method. And Ladies Man texts on his cell phone AND his iPod.

How many of you parents of texting teens have wondered along with me how much your kids really hear with a cell phone in their hand? I can't tell you the number of times I wished we never added texting to our kids' cell phone plans.

Yet, yesterday I had to change my tune a bit. You see, I've done a horrible job of connecting with my brothers in adulthood. There's a ten year age difference and we never seem to have much in common. When I was in high school, they were tying my friends up with jump ropes playing Cowboys and Indians. When they were in high school, I was having babies. While my kids graduate from high school, theirs are starting Kindergarten and in utero! We see each other on holidays and have no ill will, but our lack of easy communication has always bothered me. I don't call like I should. I talk to their wives instead of them. I stink, really.

But this week a friend of theirs died and I couldn't let it pass. Not knowing how upset they might be and knowing one of them in particular has a tough time talking about anything, I hesitated to call. They weighed heavy on my mind as I went through my routine, but when my phone chimed the familiar beep, the light bulb went off. Could I let them know I was thinking of them through a text? Lame? Maybe. Better than ignoring it entirely? I thought so. So I texted. Nothing monumental was said by any of us, but we "talked" and I felt good about our interaction, hoping they understood my heart leans toward them more than they know.

So I can't believe it myself, but yesterday I had to say I was thankful for texting and the connection it provided for my brothers and me. It's no replacement for real live communication, but it's a start in the right direction. It may be a crazy thing to be thankful for, but it made this chicky's day to hook up with her little brothers.

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Lisa Maria said...

Hey Tami

My children are queens of texting too.. I have to say that I do it a lot myself. (Texting them while they're in class (phones off) to call me at lunchtime is the only way they'd get the message.They recently taught this old techno-challenged momma how to text using predictive, which I never liked (they'd borrow my phone and put it on and not take it off)

I've found texting is cheaper on the pocket.. more personal in public settings (I text my husband at work if there's something going on, but I won't call in case he's in a meeting) and I've grown to love getting a loving (or playful) message from him in the middle of the day.

So this momma says.. yay for texting!

Jaime Kubik said...

Just so you gotta laugh from one of your texts about the video...

Love you!

Brooke said...

my sister lives 2 hours away and i am very thankful for all forms of electronic communication - she and i use them all to stay in touch!

Phather Phil Malmstrom said...

Happy Thankful Thursday! :-)

Texting can certainly be a double-edged sword, but I've found it very effective for some more subtle moments where a voice call just isn't appropriate or would be uncomfortable to make.

Great post!

Have a Blessed Day!

Shanda said...

Texting can be so annoying, especially when you want someone's full attention. However, I too, am thankful as it keeps me in touch with people. When a phone call takes too long, a text is wonderful. Sometimes I get just an "I love you" from my 73 year old father!