Monday, August 29, 2011

The Good and Bad of Technology

When I went to college, my parents didn't hear from me for at least a week (Well, okay, Mom, you got me, maybe before that. I was pretty homesick). In order to check in, I had to make a phone call from my room and if I missed them, there was no answering machine to leave a message or caller ID to let them know I called. When they tried to get me, the same was true. You both had to be next to your phones to actually connect.

The world is a different place for college kids and their parents now. I can pretty much touch base with my kids at any time in a matter of seconds. My best bet is a text, but if they don't answer that, I can call their personal cells and leave a message or get a glimpse of what's going on in their lives via Facebook. Miss Innocent One has had a blast the TWO days she's had a Facebook account, connecting with her brother and sister. Ladies Man texts them regularly. It's easier for our family to stay close because of technology.

But sometimes, I wish I could turn the clock back thirty years, like the day Drummer Boy's status said something about being discouraged or when Drama Queen posted about not being able to sleep her first night in the dorms. My mama heart goes, "ohhhhh" and I wonder what's got them down or awake. I'm not crazy about seeing my kids' mood swings on Facebook, you know? My mother only had to keep a stiff upper lip through a weekly phone call. I have info and have to stuff it to let them be independent!

And then there's the whole cell phone deal. If Ladies Man forgot his trombone, it's a little too easy to get a hold of me to bring it. Any random thought can be texted any time, even after I've gone to bed. Text reminders to pick something up for them sure make their lives easier (okay, I've taken advantage of this one myself). It's nice to keep track of my kids and I know they like to be able to reach me quickly as well, but . . . sometimes I don't want to be found!

So while I've appreciated the way technology keeps my family connected, it's not all butterflies and roses. I'm too easy to reach. Sometimes I know too much. I guess that's fair. They get a glimpse in my head every day if they read this blog. What kind of fodder do I give them to worry about?!

We're all good, my dear children, and for the most part I love stalking being connected with you. It's good practice for working on the worrying thing. Really. I know it probably doesn't show, but I'm working on it. SOOO hard. Until I have it mastered, we must keep texting and calling and posting, okay? Love you guys!

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