Thursday, September 01, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Volume 149)

1) While we've sure missed Drama Queen's presence around our house, one advantage quickly presented itself. When Drama Queen got a job, she purchased way more clothes than she could ever wear. All summer I wondered how many would go with her to college. Now we know. The first Sunday she was gone, I wandered up to her closet in the attic to take a peek. I came down with two shirts that now reside in MY closet. As I descended the stairs, Miss Innocent One intercepted me with raised eyebrows.

Miss Innocent One: Are those from Drama Queen's closet?

Me: Yep. I figure if she left them they're fair game.

Miss Innocent One (as if it were Christmas morning): Can I go up there?

Last Sunday I was about to take another jaunt up the stairs when I had the bejeebers scared out of me running into Miss Innocent One coming DOWN. Great minds think alike!

Don't worry, Drama Queen, we aren't clearing the closet. Just using a few things that will make their way back up there as soon as I get word you're coming home, okay?

2) Poor Miss Innocent One. You will recall last Saturday was her 13th birthday. We had a fun weekend, but after taking her friends home Saturday night, we had to break the news that her surviving gerbil had died earlier that evening. Maizy wasn't looking too good the night before, so Miss Innocent One wasn't surprised, but still it stinks to have to bury your pet on your birthday. She made the best of it and designed another beautiful marker.

3) The transition from kid to adult begins with Drama Queen. When she texted me to see what I thought about her doing something, I told her my honest opinion, which I knew she wouldn't like. She started in with the questions to make me support my position and I realized the answer was simple.

My text: ur gas money, ur time, u decide

I don't think she liked my answer. What do you think?

Drama Queen's reply: Oh fine. Geez.

4) I'm not sure what Ladies Man is doing when he's not in our presence, but if his clothing is any indication, he may need to be renamed Wild Man. In the past two weeks he's ripped TWO pairs of shorts, not in the seam like you would expect, but in an open area of cloth where no weakness should be! One pair tore after doing some kind of robot dance in band. The other got caught on a basketball hoop. Yeah, don't ask me how that happened. I can't picture it and I'm not sure I want to. It's bad enough this kid doesn't stay the same size long enough to have clothes that fit. Now he rips the ones he DOES have. What is a mother to do?

5) Last night was the first home football game of the season. Doesn't Ladies Man look commanding in his uniform and trombone? No dancing and basketball now, you hear?! Those uniform pants won't be so easy to replace.

6) I had an encounter with Drummer Boy last weekend that took me off guard. With his head shaved he looks so much older, but our adult discussion is what opened my eyes. His attitude, his word choices, his body language all said, "Mom, you need to let me be a MAN."

Wow. Even God whispered, "You can't do it for him. Let him live with his own choices." The experience made me sad and encouraged all at the same time. How can I be the mother of a man when I still feel like a girl? I'm happy he's feeling that sense of responsibility for himself, but how do I let go of wanting to make everything good for him?

Obviously God's got a lot of work to do in me. No wonder my word for the year the last two years in a row has been TRUST.

7) I'm taking off with my husband on a glorious 25th anniversary extravaganza tomorrow (Oh no, I do not exaggerate. It will be glorious and a complete extravaganza). We'll be gone all next week and completely unplugged. Didn't I say glorious?! Don't worry I didn't forget about you. I have already scheduled some posts from the archives to help you remember me. I apologize in advance if that news just burst your bubble thinking you'd be free of me for a week. Remember, you choose to read this slop.

Have a great week, my friends, and catch more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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