Friday, September 23, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Volume 151)

1) On the way to school, Ladies Man farted loud, without shame.

Ladies Man: I'm a dude. I can do that.

Me: Why can dudes do that?

Ladies Man: We're expected to do that kind of stuff. You should know that, Mom. You're married to one of our species.

Me: I must be married to one of the BETTER of the species.

Ladies Man: Well, I wouldn't do that to someone I LIKED liked, you know, someone I want to date.

Me (always seizing the opportunity to gather pertinent information): Is there someone you'd like to date?

Ladies Man: No. It's great! My life is really easy right now.

Hmm. So here's my dilemma. Should I pray he finds someone he LIKE likes or just live with the stench?

2) For most of his life, poor Drummer Boy has been told he looks exactly like his mother. When he was about 15 and learning to drive, his friends would tease him when he got out of the van at the high school, saying they didn't know which one of us was driving. Poor kid! The older he gets, though, the less he looks like me. Well, mostly because he's a man. And I am not. Although there are a few days I pluck enough hairs out of my chin . . .

3) There is a new development in Miss Innocent One's shower concerts. Last night she set a boom box on the bathroom counter to have accompaniment. I may hear her downstairs now!

4) College is having a pleasing effect on Drama Queen. She's become super NICE to us! She posts sweet things on Facebook, texts often and seems so happy to see us when she's home, talking a mile a minute. She must be getting all her aggression out on her poor roommate who's fallen victim to her scare tactics for weeks now. For the record, I feel sorry for you, Haylee! By the looks of this picture, though, things must be okay between them.

5) Calling all fashionistas! What is the rule on wearing white after Labor Day? Is that still a faux pas or have times changed making it acceptable? I ask because I have a white Calvin Klein number that would look super cute with a navy sweater and pumps, maybe a colorful scarf. What say you? Is this a go or a no?

6) Drummer Boy was pretty excited to see this advertisement for Yamaha percussion that will appear all over the country.

He's the second snare player from the right. Compare it to this picture and you'll be able to pick him out easily.

7) Kevin celebrated his birthday this week. Unfortunately it fell on a Wednesday which meant that our younger kids had youth group, our older kids were in Lincoln and I had Bible study. Poor Kevin spent the evening of his birthday home alone.

We're making up for it this weekend when Drama Queen and Drummer Boy come home for a family dinner out tonight. I'm taking Kevin out myself on Saturday night. Should all be fun. Looking VERY forward to it.

And that's a wrap. Have a fantastic weekend, my friends, and check out more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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Mary said...

Wow that was a hilarious story about Ladies Man...How old is he? Has it all figured out....

Thanks for visiting my blog. It was nice meeting you!