Thursday, September 22, 2011

Singing in the Shower

I'm dragging my feet as I venture up to my office when I hear it. Miss Innocent One preceded me upstairs to take a shower and as I ascend the back steps, a strong melody greets me.

"Oh no, you never let go, through the calm and through the storm. Oh no, you never let go . . ."

I can't help but smile and pause to listen. The songs change, but the passion doesn't. She's singing in the shower, unashamedly, without pretense, clear and confident and genuine. And the purity of that worship, yes, WORSHIP, even in the shower, fills my heart with gratitude. As I quietly soak it in, I understand what God meant when He said, "He inhabits the praise of His people," for the moment feels holy and sacred.

She finishes, dresses, then walks by my office door, surprised to see me.

"Oh," she said, "did you hear . . . ?

"Your little concert?" I tease, "Yep."

"I didn't sing very well. My voice kept cracking cause I was trying to sing too high."

"I thought it sounded good," I said, "I rather enjoyed it."

More than you know, my dear daughter. More than you know. And if I was so touched, what did God think?

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Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

Loved this post. And I think God loved the impromptu concert.

Blessings to you ... Marsha

Melanie said...

What a lovely post! Thanks for sharing. I'm sure the concert blessed you and your daughter, and pleasing for the Father to hear his child praising Him.


LaughingLady said...

Haha, I can totally relate to this one ~ though my 7-yr old doesn't care if anyone hears! She's often singing throughout the day, but in the shower she really belts it out!! I love how often though, it's songs she learned at Bible camp this summer or in Sunday school. I know they hear stuff from the radio on the school bus every day, so I'm thankful the ones that seem to really mean something to her are the ones that are worth remembering.

Denise J. Hughes said...

Love this. So sweet. And, yes, just knowing how much it touched you, just imagine how much it touched God.

Brooke said...

i'm sure He loved it!! :) i love hearing my husband sing Christian songs. he's not a believer, so its a bit mischevious of me to enjoy that my Christian music has infiltrated his mind. mhahahahahahahah!

Misty said...

Love this! Isn't it amazing how God shows up in our children.. even when they are singing in the shower.

Thank you for sharing.


Lindsay said...

I love listening to my little ones sing/worship! So sweet!

Jessica said...

So precious and beautiful! What a wonderful thing to be thankful for.