Thursday, September 15, 2011

Vacation versus Everyday

While climbing a waterfall in Jamaica, we thought of our kids and how much fun they'd have with us. At dinner I could picture my mom enjoying the leisurely pace and trying all kinds of exotic foods. We watched tour buses and stage shows and imagined Kevin's parents sitting alongside. Laying out on the Lido deck, soaking in the warm rays, I dozed and thought of my family and friends, shooting up many prayers on their behalf.

Our wonderful, relaxing vacation did more than put me in a great mood. It reminded me of the good life I left behind. Being away and finding myself missing others, confirmed I am connected and bonded and loved. Traveling the world might be fun for a while, but I'd miss my people. I'd yearn for the discussions in Bible study, coffee with friends, the camaraderie on worship team, the pleasure of family dinners. Tropical getaways are awesome, but they're nothing compared to the very good life I live every day.

So today I feel grateful for a break in our routine, but blessed beyond measure with an incredible, full life to come home to. God is good, indeed!

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