Monday, October 17, 2011

What My Kids Bring Out In Me

Have you seen the rage online over planking? Planking is making your body as stiff as a board. People post photos of the most unusual places to plank, like these pictures demonstrate.

It's a photo contest of sorts, seeing who can come up with the most creative place to plank. I've seen a few pictures of my own Facebook friends planking on the top of their car or the rungs of a ladder at a swimming pool (that was impressive).

And that's not all. Ladies Man tells me the planking rage has spawned other crazes like owling (perching like an owl in unusual places), lamping (posing as a lamp), and batmanning (hanging from your toes).

Blame it on a free Saturday afternoon, kids trying to avoid work or the change of season, but for whatever reason, Ladies Man and Miss Innocent One decided to try their hand at it. They started off in the kitchen, trying to plank on a counter that's about 8 inches wide. With his height, Ladies Man didn't have room to fully extend himself and Miss Innocent One couldn't get her balance, so they switched to different activities.

Here's Ladies Man lamping.

Don't you love the shirt?! It totally adds to the effect. His next idea was to "owl" on top of the refrigerator, but again he ran into a space issue, so Miss Innocent One did it for him.

Yes, I know it's little silly (and a titch dangerous), but wow was it a blast getting her on top of there. And look how much fun she's having!

Not to be outdone by my teens who think they corner the market on coolness, I mastered the plank on the kitchen counter neither one of them could. Ha! Take that, you little whippersnappers!

Hmmm . . . Now that I look at it, my arms should be down at my sides not straight in front me. Wait. Have I just invented supermanning?! I'm so progressive!

We tried to tell Kevin it was his responsibility to demonstrate batmanning, but sadly, he wouldn't oblige. Boo. That would have been the best!

Yes, these are the strange things that happen in our house. Who needs to go out when you can have this much fun at home? We're a goofy bunch, but we have a good time.

Have you tried any planking, owling, lamping or batmanning (or supermanning)? Send me some pictures!


Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

Are you kidding me? At my age, the crazy things we try are called "walking, bending over, reaching above our heads" - you know just wild and silly stuff like that!
Happy Monday to you.

Tami Boesiger said...

Ha! Love it, Marsha!