Friday, March 16, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Volume 175)

1) Miss Innocent One: Today at school, Mr. B said that people in Japan are a lot shorter than we are.

Ladies Man: Nuh uh.

Miss Innocent One: No, it's true. He said if he went to Japan he would be considered a giant and he's about Dad's height (6'2").

Ladies Man (who measured recently at 6'5 1/2"): What would it be like if I went there?

Kevin: Our whole family would be freaks in Japan.

In my head I heard Drama Queen's words, but didn't say them. Kevin must have too.

Kevin: Wait, we're already freaks here.

Drama Queen, aren't you so proud? We hear you even when you're not present?

2) I laughed my head off at my husband last weekend. We were waiting in his office for a funeral to start and he asked me to proofread something. I sat at his desk and started reading when I looked up to see him straightening his tie while looking into his iPad, using it as a mirror!

Me (breaking into hysterics): Oh my gosh. I don't believe it!

Kevin: What? What's so funny?

Me: You're using your iPad as a mirror?!

Kevin: Why is that so funny? I don't have a mirror in here.

Call me old-fashioned (no, let's not), but it struck me as weird. Truly we are living in a different era when people peer into electronic gadgets to see their reflection. Surely there's some profound statement on life there, but I'm too tired to figure it out.

3) I think the whole P90X thing is going to Ladies Man's head. I found three of his shirts in the laundry this week with their sleeves cut off. You know what that means, right?

4) In an attempt to dispel any high falootin' notions you may have of me, I have to tell you what I did Sunday morning. I'd gotten a deal on a dress the day before and while getting ready to wear it to church, I noticed panty lines showing where I didn't want them. I must tell you I am a panty line Nazi. They drive me batty! If you ever see a panty line on me, PLEASE don't tell me. I will be scarred for life. Anyway, I got this new dress on and saw panty lines. No worries, I thought, just get a different pair. I broke out a brand new pair and same thing. I went thru panty after panty after panty, different styles, different cuts, different waistbands, but every single one (and I tried on at least 5-6 pairs) showed some lines I couldn't ignore. It was so bad I even tried going commando, but couldn't bring myself to do it. Finally I remembered two pairs of underwear I have that I really should throw away. Their waistbands are so loose they hardly stay up, but because of that they work great for this sort of occasion. I rifled through my drawers to discover both pairs were dirty. And can you guess? Yes, I really am that vain. I found a pair in the dirty clothes and wore them.

Nothing special about me, people. Disgusting, maybe. Special, nah. Does it make you feel better I put on clean underwear when I changed out of the dress?

5) Drummer Boy popped in on us unexpectedly in the middle of the week. It was a great surprise to see him walk in the door. It makes me think he may miss us as much as we miss him. GREAT SEEING YOU, SON!

We're hoping to see more of him and Drama Queen in the next week. Our college kids are on Spring break starting today. Drama Queen will be here all week (YAY!) and Drummer Boy may spend a few days (I hope so!).

The only draw back is now I'll feel the need to cook more. And better. Should it hurt my feelings that when Drummer Boy stopped at our house the other day he wasn't hungry, but ate everything his grandma offered when he went over there later?

Great I'm a bad cook AND a disgusting dresser. Boo.

6) Ladies Man (trying to rile us up): Can I quit high school?

Me (not falling for the bait): No.

Kevin: What would you do if you quit high school?

Ladies Man: Oh, I don't know. Ruin my life.

Yep, that's right, buddy. Don't forget it.

7) We've got a busy weekend planned. Today at 9:25 Kevin will be interviewed on our local public radio station (91.1 FM for those you who may want to listen) regarding the Beatrice Regional Orchestra concert coming up next weekend. It's going to be an awesome affair as we're being joined by the Beatrice High School Choir and the Norris High School Choir, accompanying them on a Festival Mass piece that is going to be spectacular. (In case you live within distance, you won't want to miss it Saturday, March 24th in the Hevelone Center at 7:00.)

After the radio interview we're headed to Miss Innocent One's show choir competition. Saturday we're going to a Drum Line competition and see Drummer Boy's group do their "sick" thing. Ladies Man and Drama Queen saw it a few weeks ago and described it that way.

Hmmm, I'm starting to regret telling that underwear story. They may label me "sick" next and mean it in a whole different light.

That's all I got for today, friends. Hopefully I'll have some pictures to document our weekend for next time. Enjoy the gorgeous weather, resist the urge to look for panty lines on me and read more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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