Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Buying God a Smoothie

The thought appeared when I noticed a woman in the parking lot who looked a little like a woman I'm acquainted with. You should take her a smoothie. It sounded ridiculous. She would think I was crazy. I don't really know the woman, but she's been sick. Could an unexpected treat brighten her spirits?

Years ago when these sorts of ideas popped into my head, I would dismiss them as being silly. Why would I take a smoothie to someone I barely know? What would she think? What if she hates smoothies? What flavor do I even buy? Would she want the whipped cream or not? But over the years God has taught me to do it anyway. Though it's scary, I've had some really neat encounters with people by following these "silly" suggestions. I've decided they are God's calling and the sooner I do them, the faster I get the blessing for being obedient. I reason it can't hurt anything, right? Doesn't the thought count? Even if the woman hates smoothies, someone thinking of her may mean something. And what's the big deal for me, a few bucks and ten minutes?

So I bought the smoothie, looked up her address (that tells you how well I know her) and went straight to her house. When I got there, the front door was open and I was hopeful I caught her there. Still not sure how I would explain it, I trusted God to bring the words the way He always does, and rang the doorbell. No answer. I rang it again. Nothing. I peeked in and saw nothing. I knocked on the storm door. No movement. I knocked harder. Nada.

Was I imagining a message from God? She wasn't home or maybe wasn't in any shape to come to the door. What was I supposed to do with that? By this time the smoothie was half melted and I really didn't want to eat it myself, so I took it to my husband. As I drove away from his office I wondered what just transpired. And another thought popped into my brain.

. . . whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.

Matthew 25:40
Does it count if she never knew about it? If she didn't receive the smoothie, was the task completed? Was it a waste? "But you did it," God whispered, "You did it for me."

So I guess I bought God a smoothie today and got a whole new perspective on how the act doesn't matter as much as the obedience. How the other party responds, or whether they know of your attempts at kindness, is irrelevant. Whatever we do for one of the least of these brothers (whether they know or understand or appreciate it), we do for God.

How have you "bought God a smoothie?"

Photo Credit: LA Wad


Julie said...

Just one of the reasons I so love you, friend - you bought God a smoothie. To listen and obey even when we don't understand - a testimony to the Holy Spirit's presence and power in our lives!

Tami Boesiger said...


You make me smile. Miss you, friend. I assume you've heard the news about our dear orchestra teacher. So sad. Much love to you and yours. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Tami, thank u for your obiedience!!!!!!!!!! U have been such a blessing to me since I moved to Beatrice. thanks for being so transparent in your walk with your Lord. Love U,Vickie

Tami Boesiger said...


You are a bright light, sister. Your presence calms me and makes me smile. Love you.