Friday, March 30, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Volume 177)

1) Ladies Man and Drama Queen were preparing food for a party. Ladies Man cut up some fruit and started to make some dip, a task I found pretty easy, when he erupted.

Ladies Man: Mom, how do you do this all the time? You do this every day! You are like a saint!

Appreciation. It's a beautiful thing.

2) Miss Innocent One has this bad habit of twisting her neck until it pops, and we're talking LOUD, producing cringes from anyone in her vicinity.

Me: You really should stop popping your neck like that. It can't be good for you.

Miss Innocent One: What's wrong with it? I always pop my knuckles.

Me: You shouldn't do that either. You'll get old lady hands like mine.

Miss Innocent One: Is that why you have big knuckles?

Me: Probably.

Miss Innocent One (trotting out of the room, feeling sufficiently educated): Okay, then. Thanks for the life lesson.

Oh brother. Can you see the teen coming out in her? The next morning I was tired and stiff.

Me: My neck hurts today.

Miss Innocent One: Don't pop it, Mom. That's against the life lesson.

Sassy and a smart aleck? This girl is honing some adolescent skills, people.

3) We had a little trouble with our phone line over the weekend and Monday morning a repairman was at the house as I came back from the gym. I chatted with him as I came in the door and quickly found my husband who I hadn't seen yet that day. I assumed the repairman was busy when I gave Kevin a hug and kiss, but apparently not. Before the embrace was over we heard, "She didn't greet me like that."

4) Here's another picture for the odd injuries of Ladies Man file.

He got a little cocky at youth group and tried stuffing the basketball, but whacked his arm on the rim instead. That's gotta be one of his biggest bruises yet.

And come to think of it, most of his injuries come from youth group. He's an enthusiastic guy, but the youth pastor may want to think twice about making him the poster child for youth group, unless there are other guys out there like Ladies Man who find scars and huge bruises "AWESOME!"

The church building has a strange effect on this kid. One of my common phrases on Sunday mornings for him is, "You shouldn't get sweaty in church." At least the injuries are not deterring him from going. It's never a fight to get him there. And so far he's been able to walk away on his own after injuries, so I guess we're all good. If the need would arise, we do have a stretcher amongst the props back in the choir room, so he's covered.

So go ahead, Ladies Man. Keep going to church and youth group. Keep putting yourself at risk for bodily harm. We got your back.

5) I had a few, shall we say, not so pleasant days this week and felt bad about what my husband had to put up with.

Me (to Kevin): Sorry I've been so crabby this week.

Kevin: You haven't been THAT crabby.

I think that's a nice way of saying, "You were stinkin' crabby, but I still love you." Thank the Lord for tolerant husbands.

6) I think we found an albino carrot! What do you think?

Weird, huh? And no, nobody dared eat it.

7) Kevin and I may have the house to ourselves tonight. Any suggestions?

With that I'm out, folks. Have a great weekend and catch more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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Kathleen Basi said...

I love how your family has such a great sense of humor. It apparently bleeds over into repairmen, too. ;)